What is E360?
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What Is E360?

Creating Industry Dialogue

​In this video, John Rhodes talks about creating a dialogue around the challenges that the refrigeration industry faces today.

E360 is a comprehensive look at the issues our customers face every day. Its purpose is to provide information that will help our customers look at refrigerated systems from every angle — a 360-degree view — considering every factor that impacts the decision making process. For our supermarket, foodservice and convenience store customers, we’re in a unique position to provide both the expertise and resources to help balance ALL aspects of their refrigeration system design and operation.

We do this by taking a holistic approach that objectively accounts for energy efficiency, environmental protection, equipment reliability and safety, and economic considerations. Here’s how we’re addressing the issues that affect you.

Energy Efficiency
We help you continually reduce refrigeration-related energy consumption by serving as:

  • A knowledge resource for energy efficiency regulation impacts
  • Best practices experts for energy-efficient system design and operating practices
  • Research leaders advancing the field of energy efficiency

Environmental Protection
We are actively leading industry discussions on refrigeration-related environmental issues:

  • Providing industry guidance on the impacts of new and impending regulations
  • Leading the educational dialogue on low-GWP refrigerants
  • Helping you meet your corporate sustainability goals

Reliability and Safety Concerns
We monitor the operating, safety and food quality issues that affect you and assist through:

  • Developing best practices in the operation and maintenance of systems that incorporate new technologies or function in unusual or atypical conditions
  • Enhancing the reliability and operation of refrigerated systems through the thoughtful application of advanced electronics
  • Actively monitoring food safety regulations and standards

Economic Considerations
We help you evaluate the economic viability of refrigeration system alternatives by:

  • Understanding the economic impact of system design decisions at all levels of the value chain — from OEM to end customer — and providing objective, impartial counsel
  • Providing expert advice on the benefits and risks of new technologies 

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Join the Dialogue
The purpose of E360 is to help you make the most educated refrigeration decisions for your business.

E360 Annual Conference sponsored by Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions is a multi-day, invitation-only annual event which brings together representatives of leading companies in the Supermarket, Convenience Store, Pharmacy, Discount Store and Foodservice industries. The conference generally is attended by and addresses topics of interest to management representatives responsible for facilities management and maintenance; sustainability, energy or regulatory compliance; operations, merchandising or fresh food management; and similar disciplines within chain and multi-unit operations. For further information about the E360 Annual Conference, please contact: RetailSolutionsMarketing@Emerson.com


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