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E360 Forum—Tucson, AZ

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On October 12, 2016, Emerson hosted a daylong E360 Forum at The Westin La Paloma in Tucson, Arizona. More than 100 industry stakeholders attended — including wholesalers, equipment manufacturers, contractors and end users. The event featured expert-led breakout sessions in food retail, foodservice and commercial AC.

Visit E360 Resources page to access speaker presentations. To view E360 Forum sessions from Tucson or other previous events, please visit our YouTube channel.

Who Attended

  • ​Consultants
  • Convenience Store End Users
  • Energy Managers
  • Foodservice End Users
  • Service Providers
  • ​Contractors
  • Distributors
  • Facility Managers
  • OEMs
  • Supermarket End Users

If you have questions, you can email us at e360.climate@emerson.com


Registration opens at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast available until 8:30 a.m.
Lunch will be provided from Noon — 1 p.m..

8:30 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.

Topics Presenters​
Keynote/General Session​ ​
Introduction and Opening Remarks

Bob Labbett, vice president — refrigeration communications & channel marketing,
Emerson Climate Technologies
Don Newlon, vp/gm refrigeration marketing, Emerson Climate Technologies

​Understanding the Restaurant Kitchen of the Future ​Joe Carbonara, editorial director, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine
Refrigerant & Energy Regulations Update Rajan Rajendran, vice president — system innovation center and sustainability, Emerson Climate Technologies
Breakout 1: ​Food Retail
CO2 Systems: Trends, Benefits and ROI ​Derek Gosselin, system product manager, Hillphoenix
System Upgrades That Impact Sustainable Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings Mitch Knapke, director — food retail marketing, Emerson Climate Technologies
​Understanding Leak Detection and Implementing Effective Programs John Wallace, director — innovation, retail solutions, Emerson Climate Technologies
​How BMS, EMS, IoT and Insights Are Changing Retailer Operations ​Ron Chapek, product manager, enterprise software, Emerson Climate Technologies
Breakout 2: Foodservice​ ​
Making Building Management Mobile​ Ron Chapek, product manager, enterprise software​, Emerson Climate Technologies
​How to Meet 2017/2020 Energy Regulations ​Ani Jayanth, foodservice marketing manager, Emerson Climate Technologies
​The Case for R-290 Allen Wicher, director, marketing — foodservice, Emerson Climate Technologies
Mike Saunders, senior lead innovation technologist, Emerson Climate Technologies​
​Enterprise Management & Communicating Kitchens Dean Landeche, vice president of marketing — retail solutions,
Emerson Climate Technologies
Breakout 3: Commercial AC​ ​
​How to Meet Energy and Efficiency Regulations in Commercial AC Karl Zellmer, vice president of air conditioning sales, Emerson Climate Technologies​
​How to Get the Most Out of Your Rooftop AC ​Danny Miller, president, Transformative Wave
​The Most Efficient Buildings of the Future Michael Deru, manager​ — systems performance, commercial buildings research group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

* Breaks Held: 10:30-11:00 a.m.; 1:50 p.m.-2:00 p.m.; 2:50-3:00 p.m

6 p.m. — 8 p.m.: Welcome Dinner (Oct. 11)

​Welcome Dinner TBA

A welcome dinner, the night prior to the E360 Forum, will kick off the event. We hope you can join us for an opportunity to mingle with fellow attendees and presenters.

4 p.m. — 6 p.m.: Networking Reception (Oct. 12)

​Networking Reception TBA

A networking reception from 4-6 p.m. will follow immediately after the final breakout sessions have concluded. Food and drinks will be provided, and you'll have a chance to visit with the event's presenters and network with your peers.

Event Location Details

To contact The Westin La Paloma or make accommodations for your stay,use the following information


​The Westin La Paloma
3800 E. Sunrise Drive
Tucson, AZ 85718
(520) 742-6000
The group rate link will be available at a later date.




​Taxi service available (hotel is located approximately 16 miles from the airport).​​

Session Descriptions

Refrigerant & Energy Regulations Update
Speaker: Rajan Rajendran, vice president — system innovation and sustainability, Emerson Climate Technologies

Dr. Rajan Rajendran, Emerson’s nationally renowned expert on refrigerants, will provide the latest update on the ever-changing regulatory landscape. With the EPA announcing its final rule on refrigerant delisting, the refrigeration equipment supply chain prepares for the DOE’s energy reduction mandates for stand-alone refrigeration systems in 2017. Rajan will place all of these recent regulatory actions within a historic, global perspective and demonstrate how the European Union is leading the charge on rulemaking through the passing of F-Gas regulations in 2014. Attendees will learn about a new class of alternative synthetic refrigerants that promise lower global warming potential, as well as the re-emergence of natural options such as propane and CO2. Impacts to equipment development, performance and handling requirements will be discussed in detail.

Understanding the Restaurant Kitchen of the Future
Presenter: Joe Carbonara, editorial director, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine

Lots of elements are at play in today’s foodservice industry that impact design, equipment selection and more. This presentation will explore the key factors — changing restaurant development timelines; customer-facing technology; menu trends such as the increased use of locally sourced and seasonal ingredients; and increasing labor costs — that will affect how foodservice operators from all industry segments design and equip their businesses in the years to come.

CO2 Systems: Trends, Benefits and ROI
Presenter: Derek Gosselin, product manager — systems division, Hillphoenix

When you look at the energy footprint of a typical supermarket, it’s no surprise that the refrigeration industry has been tasked with improving energy efficiencies. One supermarket requires a charge of 3,500 pounds for its refrigeration system. Twenty-five percent of that refrigerant is lost to leakage, resulting in the CO2 emissions equivalent of operating 330 passenger cars. Annually, a typical supermarket also produces nearly 3 million pounds of CO2 from electricity consumption, 60 percent of which can be attributed to refrigeration equipment. With roughly 40,000 supermarkets in the U.S. alone, it’s easy to see why regulations have been drafted to cut energy consumption, lower GWP refrigerants, and reduce both refrigerant charge and leakage. Derek Gosselin will explore the trends in system architecture that are helping to accomplish these goals, including current options, trials and research in systems that utilize CO2 as a natural refrigerant and R407A as a lower GWP alternative.

System Upgrades That Impact Sustainable Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings
Speaker: Mitch Knapke, director — food retail marketing, Emerson Climate Technologies

When a $21 billion Canadian grocery chain sought ways to cut back on their rising energy costs, they turned to the Renteknik Group. The Renteknik Group analyzed data using its ClimaCheck system to quickly identify where the grocer could save energy. It was ascertained that Emerson Climate Technologies’ equipment and expertise would be necessary for the task. Mitch Knapke will discuss how both organizations worked to evaluate how energy was consumed at the grocery; determine which equipment would provide the greatest operational efficiencies; and their collaboration in implementing a long-term sustainable plan for energy savings for the client.

Understanding Leak Detection and Implementing Effective Programs
Presenter: John Wallace, director — innovation, retail solutions, Emerson  Climate Technologies

As the regulatory landscape continues to shift around the commercial refrigeration industry, retailers and contractors are under increasing pressure to reduce — and even eliminate — refrigerant leaks. Did you know that more than 35 percent of all leaks are caused by racks? Do you know where else in your facility leaks can occur? Knowing where leaks occur is just part of the solution; learning how and why they do is just as important as detecting and eliminating them. Join John Wallace as he discusses: what an effective leak detection program looks like and the benefits of putting such a program in place; an overview of the regulatory environment related to leak detection; and current leak detection technologies, including tips on how to get the best results.

How BMS, EMS, IoT and Insights Are Changing Retailer Operations
Presenter: Ron Chapek, product manager, enterprise software — Emerson Climate Technologies

The prevalence of BMS, EMS, Internet of Things (IoT) and the insights they bring have ushered in a new era of efficiency in retailer operations. While big data may seem unwieldy to capitalize on, many companies are beginning to harness its deep insights to transform their businesses. Learn best practices for the retail grocery industry in utilizing BMS/EMS reporting, including how technology can improve operational, personnel, inventory, maintenance and distribution efficiencies, giving retailers new opportunities to manage their businesses.

Making Building Management Mobile
Presenter: Ron Chapek, product manager, enterprise software — Emerson Climate Technologies

You’re on the go all day — busy taking care of customers, facilities, systems and more. So how can you get the critical information you need without being continually bothered by trivial notices and alerts? By using a building management system (BMS), you can consolidate information in one place, then use a single mobile app enhanced with smart filtering to see only the most important items to you. In this informative session, Ron Chapek, Emerson’s senior product manager, enterprise software, will provide his insights on the latest in BMS-based mobile technology.

How to Meet 2017/2020 Energy Regulations
Presenter: Ani Jayanth, foodservice marketing manager, Emerson Climate Technologies

The foodservice industry is currently being influenced by the Department of Energy regulating energy consumption for walk-in coolers and freezers; reach-in, self-contained systems; and ice machines; each having a compliance date. Ani Jayanth will address the implications of this regulation and moderate a discussion on how to achieve compliance. He will explore channel impact, testing procedures to compliance calculations and system improvement levers.

The Case for R-290
Presenter: Allen Wicher, director, marketing — foodservice, Emerson Climate Technologies
Presenter: Mike Saunders, senior lead innovation technologist, Emerson Climate Technologies

The use of propane (R-290) as a refrigerant has been the subject of much debate since it was first introduced more than a century ago. Often regarded as too risky for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications, R-290 has been largely ignored in the U.S. in favor of seemingly safer refrigerant options. But as CFCs and HFCs have become the targets of environmental regulations in recent decades, the low global warming potential (GWP) of R-290 has brought the natural refrigerant back to the forefront. In this informative session, Allen Wicher and Mike Saunders will closely examine the case of R-290, exploring its re-emerging potential while pointing out the challenges to its widespread adoption. You’ll learn: why the European Union has embraced R-290 as a low-GWP alternative; how its performance efficiencies and thermodynamic properties are equivalent to R-22; and why some national retailers have recently approved R-290 in smaller, low-charge applications. Wicher and Saunders will also discuss the biggest obstacles to U.S. adoption of R-290 and address the common misconceptions about the sometimes controversial refrigerant to help you with your risk-reward analysis.

Enterprise Management and Communicating Kitchens
Presenter: Dean Landeche, vice president of marketing, retail solutions, Emerson Climate Technologies

Retailers today are presented with opportunities to enable their kitchen equipment to “communicate” and achieve efficiency gains, energy insights, maintenance improvements and increased revenue. This session will discuss this emerging trend and the value of connected kitchen equipment, including: alerts to indicate the potential of downtime; reductions in energy consumption through visibility to equipment use; the ability to schedule patterns; and the utilization of menu and firmware changes to capture new revenue opportunities without over-taxing store personnel. Dean Landeche is uniquely qualified to address these topics. His insights will help retailers and manufacturers begin the process of setting up a communicating kitchen.

How to Meet Energy and Efficiency Regulations in Commercial AC
Presenter: Karl Zellmer, vice president of air conditioning sales, Emerson Climate Technologies

The commercial HVAC industry will face significant changes to energy efficiency regulations, safety standards and refrigerant changes in the next several years. In this session, Karl Zellmer, Emerson Climate Technologies’ vice president of air conditioning sales, will discuss the convergence of these activities, their timing and how they will potentially impact you. Topics covered will include:

  • DOE adoption of the IEER portion of ASHRAE 90.1-2013 energy efficiency standard for commercial AC packaged and split systems, effective nationally on 1/1/2018
  • Technology options available to optimize integrated energy efficiency ratios for part load system efficiency
  • Changing refrigerant landscape for AC and heat pump applications, including: EPA delisting and phase-down of HFCs, the introduction of low-global warming refrigerant alternatives, and the implications to system designs
  • The future of ventilation and benefits of dehumidification

How to Get the Most out of Your Rooftop AC
Presenter: Danny Miller, president, Transformative Wave

Are you dealing with old or new rooftop units (RTUs) that are energy hogs? Are you frustrated with frequent maintenance and lack of simple diagnostics and controls? Are you trying to save energy, but don’t have the funding to replace each and every RTU? RTUs are the most common equipment used to service commercial facilities today — but likely consuming more energy than needed, creating unnecessary costs for your business. You may not have the financial resources or manpower to replace every RTU in your facility. But replacement is not your only option.

Danny Miller, President from Transformative Wave will break down how they have found ways to streamline HVAC processes, reduce energy consumption and costs, and improve occupancy comfort while reducing total cost of ownership and providing real-time access to performance data. Join Danny Miller as he tells attendees why such a revolutionary energy-saving application could be something that could permanently affect your bottom line.

The Most Efficient Buildings of the Future
Presenter: Michael Deru, manager — systems performance, commercial buildings research group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

What makes an energy-efficient building? How can the most energy-efficient buildings of today be improved for future generations? With recent Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency mandates on energy reduction, the topic is one that directly affects facility managers, operation managers, contractors and OEMs.

A leading researcher in building technology, Dr. Michael Deru from NREL will present a timely discussion covering the latest advancements in the field, such as: higher efficiency and innovative systems; renewable energy/energy storage; IoT and automatic transaction-based decision making; and automated FDD. Learn why some of the biggest drivers in this trend are climate change, interconnectivity, the higher demand for increased productivity and flexibility, and energy/utility structure changes, and how they ultimately affect profits for the businesses in buildings.​

Presenter Bios

Joe Carbonara
Editorial Director
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine

Joe Carbonara is the editorial director for The Zoomba Group, which publishes Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine; he serves as the publication’s editor-in-chief.

Prior to joining FE&S, he was the marketing manager for SmithBucklin & Associates, where he spent six years working with NAFEM. In addition to his tenure at SmithBucklin, he worked for three years as a senior editor at Hitchcock Publishing.

Joe earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from DePaul University.

Ron Chapek
Product Manager — Enterprise Software
Emerson Climate Technologies

Ron is a senior product manager responsible for ProAct™ Enterprise Software/Services. Over his 30-year career in sales and product/strategic marketing management roles, he has focused on bringing new products to market for the PC-based data acquisition, industrial automation/process control-SCADA and intelligent building segments. Most recently, his focus has been on leveraging new software tools/platforms to better serve the multi-site retail segment. Areas of focus include: intelligent alarm/event monitoring; device networking/integration (IoT); fault detection and diagnostics/FDD; highly scalable data warehousing; and enterprise-level analytics.

Dr. Michael Deru
Manager — Systems Performance, Commercial Buildings Research Group
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Dr. Michael Deru joined National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in 2000 and manages the Systems Performance section within the Commercial Buildings Research Group. He leads the Space Conditioning Project team and the Advanced RTU campaign for the Department of Energy and manages projects on: the development and testing of novel HVAC systems; building performance simulations; performance metrics for sustainability, source energy and emissions factors; and the U.S. Life Cycle Inventory Database.

Prior to joining NREL, Michael worked as a nuclear plant engineer at Westinghouse Electric, where he supported the U.S. naval nuclear power program.

Dr. Deru earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Wyoming. He also earned a master’s degree and PhD in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University. Dr. Deru received an R&D 100 award in 2005 and is very active within ASHRAE.

Derek Gosselin
Product Manager — Systems Division

With more than 25 years of HVACR industry experience, Derek Gosselin currently serves as the product manager — Systems Division for Hillphoenix, a Dover Company, located in Conyers, GA.

Derek began his career as a store planner at Associated Grocers of New England in Manchester, NH, before joining Tyler Refrigeration as its New England district sales manager. After logging more than 10 years in the position, he was eventually promoted to national account manager there, where he worked for another 10 years. In 2009 as part of the Hillphoenix acquisition of Tyler, Derek joined Hillphoenix as a national account manager before moving into operations as a systems division product manager. Today he is responsible for product management with a focus on business and product development, including the promotion and education for the application of new technologies.

Derek received a degree in architectural engineering from New Hampshire Technical College.

Ani Jayanth
Foodservice Marketing Manager
Emerson Climate Technologies

Ani Jayanth started his career at Emerson Climate Technologies in 2003 as an engineering co-op and started his professional career with the company in 2008. During that time, Ani has gained considerable experience in manufacturing, operations, product engineering and sales.

He graduated cum laude from Kettering University with an engineering degree and recently completed his MBA with The Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.

Mitch Knapke
Director — Food Retail Marketing
Emerson Climate Technologies

Mitch Knapke has worked for Emerson Climate Technologies since 2004 in a variety of engineering, product development and marketing roles. As director of food retail marketing, Knapke is responsible for developing strategies and tactical plans to help bring the company’s food retail compressors to market. He is the co-inventor and patent holder for the capacity modulation system on the Copeland Discus™ compressors.

Dean Landeche
Vice President of Marketing — Retail Solutions
Emerson Climate Technologies

Dean M. Landeche is vice president of marketing for Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions. In his role at Emerson, Landeche is responsible for leading the global marketing efforts for controls, connectivity, monitoring, services and insights for the Food Retail, Foodservice, Commercial Building and Transportation industries.

Landeche has more than 30 years of experience in general management, communication and marketing leadership roles within leading foodservice equipment organizations. Prior to his current role at Emerson, Landeche has served as executive vice president of Manitowoc KitchenCare, the aftermarket business for Manitowoc Foodservice. He has also served as senior vice president of marketing for Manitowoc Foodservice, and vice president of marketing for Enodis Foodservice, and Hobart. Outside of the foodservice industry, Landeche has held marketing and communication leadership roles with Alcoa Building Products, General Electric Plastics and Louisiana State University.

Landeche has served in a variety of volunteer leadership roles with NAFEM, MAFSI and FCSI. He’s been recognized by B2B Marketing magazine as a “Top 10 Marketer of the Year”, and has received the prestigious William A. Marsteller Marketing Leadership Award from the Business Marketing Association (BMA) and Business Week magazine.

Landeche holds a bachelor’s of art degree in journalism from Louisiana State University along with graduate-level studies in public relations and communication management.

Danny Miller
Transformative Wave

Danny Miller is the President of Transformative Wave Technologies based in Kent, WA. He leads a team responsible for developing and bringing to market a growing line of game-changing efficiency solutions for the commercial building industry.

Danny has over 39 years of experience in the commercial HVAC, controls, and energy efficiency industries. He received his mechanical design training at the University of Washington.

Mr. Miller is co-inventor of the patented and award-winning CATALYST technology for rooftop packaged HVAC system. He is also a published author on the subject of HVAC Advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics in a recent book by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

Rajan Rajendran
Vice President — System Innovation Center and Sustainability
Emerson Climate Technologies

Dr. Rajan Rajendran is the vice president, system innovation center and sustainability at Emerson Climate Technologies. He has worked at Emerson since 1990 in various capacities: first as a research engineer; later as manager in the scroll compressor product development group; and as director for 10 years prior to his current role.

Dr. Rajendran is also the director of the Helix, Emerson Climate Technologies’ research and innovation center located on the University of Dayton’s campus. He represents Emerson in its communications with various policy and industry organizations, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, among others.

Rajan is widely recognized throughout the industry as an expert on the application and regulation of refrigerants.

Dr. Rajendran earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Madras. He earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering from Iowa State University and has an M.B.A. from Wright State University.

Mike Saunders
Senior Lead Innovation Technologist
Emerson Climate Technologies

Mike Saunders has more than 21 years of career experience in refrigeration product development and support. His current role has him working at Emerson’s new Helix Innovation Center on the University of Dayton campus, focusing on innovation in the food retail and foodservice spaces. Rather than concentrating on individual components in these environments, he helps develop solutions to problems that exist within the entire scope of supermarket and foodservice operations, analyzing and evaluating ideas that evolve from the collaborative process at The Helix.

Mike holds both a B.S. and an M.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Idaho.

John Wallace
Director — Innovation, Retail Solutions
Emerson Climate Technologies

John Wallace is director of innovation, retail solutions at Emerson Climate Technologies. He has been active in the design and development of electronic control systems for more than 20 years and holds several patents related to the control of HVAC and refrigeration systems.

He is a member of ASHRAE and has served on many industry committees, including: the Lonmark Refrigeration committee; the Department of Energy’s Better Building Alliance; the NAFEM (North American Food Equipment Manufacturers) Data Protocol standardization committee, which he currently chairs; and the AHRI Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Electronics section.

Wallace graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and the University of Missouri with a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

Allen Wicher
Director, Marketing — Foodservice
Emerson Climate Technologies

In his role as director of marketing in foodservice, Allen Wicher is responsible for leading the business strategy and planning for growth in restaurants, convenience stores and commercial kitchens. Here, he leverages Emerson’s product and system solution development capabilities to support OEMs and end users.

Allen has more than 25 years of progressive experience at global manufacturing companies in B2B and B2C markets, crossing multiple channels and influencers. Prior to his current role, he was residential marketing director and business team lead for Rheem Manufacturing Company (HVACR and water heating), specializing in sales and market management, product and channel marketing, product development and regulatory affairs.

Allen received his BSME from the University of Hartford and an MBA from Cleveland State University.

Karl Zellmer
Vice President of Air Conditioning Sales
Emerson Climate Technologies

Karl Zellmer, vice president of air conditioning sales, has more than 35 years of experience in the HVACR industry. Since joining Emerson in 1981, he has held positions of increasing responsibility within Emerson, including assignments in operations, marketing, purchasing and sales. In his current position, Zellmer is responsible for the sales and technical support of air conditioning products. He is also one of the industry’s leading experts on the HVAC market, regulations, and the impact that these regulations have on the HVAC industry.

While at Emerson, Zellmer has been instrumental in the market development and expansion of scroll technology, beginning with Copeland’s first scroll products. He has also been involved in expanding Emerson Climate Technologies’ involvement with HVAC contractors and affiliated associations.

Karl earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Indiana University. He subsequently earned an MBA in management from Xavier University. Zellmer is an active participant in industry events, including trade shows, advisory councils, HARDI and discussion panels.


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