Food Retail

Food Retail


Supermarket increases refrigeration capacity while improving energy efficiency

The Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit X-Line Series offers high energy efficiency operation for food service applications such as Skopps Supermarket. An ultra quiet design enabled Skopps Supermarket to obtain the refrigeration levels necessary without disturbing the surrounding neighborhood.



Customer Profile: Golden Pantry Food Stores

Emerson ran a demonstration of its ecoSYS facility controls in one convenience store of Golden Pantry Food Stores. By controlling the store's HVAC, refrigeration and lighting, they were able to achieve a total of 10% in monthly energy savings.


​Supermarket cuts anti-condensate heater energy consumption by 40%

A leading supermarket chain in Canada wanted to reduce the energy consumption of their glass doors​ while maintaining product visibility and heater asset life. They achieved both by using Emerson's Anti-Condensate Heater Controllers to modulate case door heaters according to ambient dewpoint.

Site Manager

Convenience store chain improves enterprise efficiency with Site Manager

A regional convenience store chain with over 500 stores needed to efficiently manage the operations of their dispersed network of retail stores from a central location. ProAct's Site Manager enterprise management application provided a highly effective solution.

Setpoint Management

​​Emerson’s Setpoint Management allows supermarket to maintain energy efficiency and protect millions in e-commissioning savings

Equipment setpoints often return to non-optimized levels as soon as six months after commissioning, eliminating much of the savings. To prevent this eventual loss of efficiency, the client needs a way to monitor and continuously optimize stores to their original levels.


Retail chain reduces HVAC energy consumption by 52% with VFDs

Seeing rooftop HVAC units as a source of significant energy consumption in the stores, Emerson devised an energy reduction strategy using variable frequency drives to facilitate modulation strategies for fan motors in 78 California stores.

Demand Response

Supermarket earns $290,000 annually through ProAct's Demand Response Program

Demand Response programs are offered by utility companies as a means of lowering energy consumption during periods of peak electricity demand. Emerson worked with Stater Bros. to identify their energy shed potential, develop load shed strategies, and create load shed schedules.


​Supermarket cuts heating energy consumption by 16% with RCB Pulse

In just one month in the winter of 2012, the two stores with Emerson’s MultiFlex Rooftop Control Board with pulse capabilities saved 4,480 therms, all while minimizing rapid compressor cycling.

Food loss

​​Supermarket cuts food loss expenses by 67% through Alarm Management - 2016RS-21

Emerson’s ProAct™ Service Center monitored and triaged refrigeration alarms 24x7. The Alarm Management program enabled the stores to significantly reduce their food loss expenses, saving over $30,000 in eight months.

Smart Dispatch

​​Retail chain saves $132,880 in six months through maintenance optimization - 2016RS-22

Every maintenance dispatch and request for service call costs money, either directly in time and labor or indirectly via higher negotiated contract prices. The Smart Dispatch service reduces these costs by optimizing maintenance dispatches and remotely resolving select events.


Craft brewer uses quiet refrigeration system for walk-in beer coolers

U.S. Cooler, a manufacturer of walk-in coolers and freezers, met with Sun King Brewing about their walk-in cooler needs. Once they understood the demanding requirements of the applications in terms of efficiency, reliability, sound, and discreet look, they immediately recommended the Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Condensing Unit XJ Series.


United Dairy Farmers reduces energy costs

After analyzing operational data for their entire enterprise, UDF realized that improvements in energy efficiency, maintenance and product protection needed to be made. UDF shifted its attention toward planning to improve critical operating systems, with a focus on more efficient and sustainable solutions. UDF turned to Emerson, who helped identify several key opportunities


Hypermarket achieves efficiency goals with digital modulation

With a total sales area of approximately 55,000 square feet, this new hypermarket has installed three refrigeration racks for food quality and preservation. Two of these racks are indirect expansion systems utilizing Copeland™ Discus Digital™ compressors, CPC Einstein™ electronic controllers and Emerson™ electronic expansion valves.


Copeland Scroll™  eliminates compressor issues at meat processing facility

After the failure of a scroll compressor at a Canadian meat processing facility, a seasoned contractor teamed with Emerson Climate Technologies to resolve the issue. After diagnosing the problem as excessive oil carryover, a yearlong field trial of the new Copeland Scroll™ large refrigeration compressor proved to be the solution and more.


Supermarket improves energy efficiency and reduces service calls

Digital capacity modulation technology was added by upgrading to Copeland Discus Digital™ compressors with CoreSense™ Diagnostics modules operating on a supermarket parallel rack.


Supermarket refrigeration contractor relies on CoreSense™ Protection

Copeland™  Discus with CoreSense Protection alerts technicians to the most serious faults first so they can accurately and rapidly correct problems and prevent catastrophic compressor failures that could suddenly generate product spoilage.


System performance optimized with Copeland™  Discus Digital compressors and Intelligent Store™ architecture

A digital capacity modulation technology upgrade was added to existing Intelligent Store compatible Copeland Discus Digital with CoreSense Diagnostics compressors being installed in a new supermarket during startup phase, two weeks prior to opening.


Compressor cycling problem solved, ensuring smooth supermarket grand opening

The results were immediate and significant when the digital unloading technology was activated. Compressor cycle counts went from 900 per day to 12 starts over 4 days, while the operating suction pressure range went from 72 psig to 8 psig, 89% improvement.


Improved refrigeration operation for Price Chopper grocery stores

Price Chopper installed the Copeland™  Discus Digital compressor with CoreSense Diagnostics which they describe “as more than a refrigeration compressor with onboard diagnostics that provides real-time intelligence that tells technicians exactly what they need to know.”


Drive-through operator increases life of refrigeration

The refrigeration contractor determined that the low pressure cut-out was sticking and did not properly break the control circuit. The pressure control was replaced which fixed the system defect. Without the diagnosis from the Copeland PerformanceAlert™ module, this problem would not have been found, since the technician would have to be on site when the compressor protector tripped.


Supermarket more eco-friendly using Copeland Scroll™  compressors

Whole Foods Market chose a distributed refrigeration system which uses high efficiency, vapor injected Copeland Scroll™  compressors for both low and medium temperature applications. This produces the most energy efficient refrigeration option available for virtually all food store applications.