Emerson Climate Technologies Launches Compressor Electronics for Full Commercial Refrigeration Compressor Line

Emerson Climate Technologies Launches Compressor Electronics for Full Commercial Refrigeration Compressor Line

Copeland Discus® with CoreSense™ Protection delivers operational savings and less downtime

ST. LOUIS, February 17, 2011 – Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR), today launched Copeland Discus®  with CoreSense™ Protection, an advancement to its semi-hermetic compressor line that uses the compressor as a sensor to monitor operating conditions within the compressor.  Building on its compressor electronics strategy, Emerson now integrates CoreSense technology across the entire Copeland Discus compressor line up to 6 cylinder capacity.

By using the Copeland Discus compressor as a sensor, CoreSense Protection monitors and interprets system and electrical information within the compressor, shutting it down before damage occurs. Copeland Discus with CoreSense Protection alerts technicians to the most serious faults first so they can accurately and rapidly correct problems and prevent compressor failures that could suddenly generate product spoilage.

“Somewhere between 20 and 40 percent of our food is wasted before it reaches the family dinner table. Much of that waste hits supermarket, convenience store and other foodservice retail operators, who have a significant investment in refrigeration equipment and perishable inventory. They need assurance that their equipment will be reliable,” said Jason Prenger, marketing manager, food retail and industrial refrigeration Emerson Climate Technologies, Refrigeration Division. “Copeland Discus compressors integrated with CoreSense Protection offer the ultimate safeguard against insufficient oil pressure, high motor temperature and are capable of high discharge temperature protection. User friendly diagnostics optimize the technician’s time, saves money and ultimately frees operators to focus on other priorities.”

The unique combination of the best-performing reciprocating technology with integrated CoreSense Protection unlocks advanced capabilities in every Copeland Discus compressor. Sophisticated algorithms and capabilities, such as fault history and LED indicators, allow technicians to diagnose the past and present state of the system for rapid, accurate troubleshooting and increased uptime. When CoreSense Protection senses a fault that the compressor is running in an unsustainable condition, it responds by shutting down the compressor to avoid imminent damage. Based on fault severity, the compressor will either reset itself when the condition is cleared or require a technician to troubleshoot the fault before restarting. Its communication capability also makes it possible to retrieve information and take action remotely, such as resetting and compressor proofing.

CoreSense Protection is part of Emerson’s new compressor electronics platform. The introduction of CoreSense technology advances Emerson’s “smart compressor” strategy for using the compressor as a sensor, which includes on-board modules for select new compressor lines.  Found only in Copeland® compressors, this electronics platform enhances compressor and system performance by sensing and interpreting information found inside the compressor, providing new levels of diagnostics, protection, and communication.  

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