R-22 Alternatives


The air conditioning and refrigeration industry has supported global efforts to protect the environment by phasing out harmful refrigerants.  The preferred choices are now HFC refrigerants like R-410A for air conditioning and R-404A for refrigeration.

Learn more about AC applications including current refrigerant solutions and the future of refrigerants. Refrigeration applications includes a podcast video and additional reference material.

Emerson has recently updated two white papers that address refrigerant choices:

Refrigerants for Commercial Refrigeration Applications Refrigerants for residential and commercial air conditioning applications
Refrigerants for Commercial Air Conditioning Applications Refrigerants for commercial refrigeration applications
2015 Refrigerant and Energy Regulations 2015 Refrigerant & Energy Regulations Update
For more information about refrigerants and the phase out schedule of harmful refrigerants set by the Montreal Protocol, click the following link:

What You Should Know about Refrigerants When Purchasing or Repairing a Residential A/C System or Heat Pump


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