Design Services Network

Design Services Network

Design Services Network provides fully-customizable expert engineering and testing services to air conditioning and refrigeration OEM customers in reaching their new product development and enhancement goals. As a UL third party test lab, Design Services Network can perform a variety of standardized UL safety tests. The lab is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, and has recently been EPA approved as a third party test lab for the ENERGY STAR Program.
With a team of engineering experts, Design Services Network can not only test equipment to regulatory safety and efficiency standards, but can also assist customers meet and exceed standards when requested. Systems are designed from a theory-based scientific understanding, as well as practical application gained from years of experience working with leading equipment manufacturers.

Design Services Network offers solutions tailor-made for your needs to speed up innovation and development optimize your time, level your workload and reduce total cost.

  • Engineers perform load calculations to deliver a design solution that meets your product specifications
  • Feasibility studies to determine the most viable design concepts to meet specific project goals
  • Services such as prototype building and product compliance testing
  • Deliverables include complete product design and product models based on fundamental engineering parameters
  • Benefits include optimized time and performance; customized, reliable system design; reduced cost  by managing risks involved in idea conception to product development


Design Service Network  

Design Service Network named ENERGY STAR Test Lab.
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Services Offered
  • Concept alignment with market needs
  • Physically and thermally feasible concept
  • Identification of intellectual-property opportunities
  • Peace of mind to invest in products or services development
  • Early confirmation of design to specification
  • Assurance that your product can succeed in the marketplace
DSN Processes

Discovery and Definition
Effective innovation often starts with systematic research and an understanding of market needs. At Design Services Network, our discovery and definition process validates your idea in the marketplace. We begin each project with a comprehensive client consultation to define project expectations and deliverables. This discovery phase helps ensure that you have a firm foundation for your new product or service.

Discovery and definition drive design.  We design systems from a theory-based scientific understanding, as well as practical application.  Our comprehensive understanding and experience with leading equipment manufacturers afford Design Services Network unique abilities in cost reduction and performance optimization.

Proof of Concept
Although your new product is successfully designed, it's not yet ready for the marketplace.  You still need to produce a proof-of-concept unit and prototypes of your engineered system design.  Again, Design Services Network is ready to help.  We offer a fully staffed and equipped workshop that allows your management and customers alike to see firsthand the value and promise of your new product.

At Design Services Network, a solution is exactly that: all you need to design, test and launch your concept.  Everything that needs to be done to successfully and profitably launch your product in the marketplace is done for you.  And our solutions rest on a time-tested process that begins with an idea, continues through design and proof of concept and ends with a streamlined product launch.
DSN Mission 


Assists A/C & Refrigeration OEM Customers

In Realizing Their New Product Launch,

 Development & Enhancement Goals, Using A Flexible

Network Of Industry Experts, State-Of-The Art Test

Facilities And Cost-Effective Engineering Solutions 

  • UL 3rd Party Test Lab
  • ISO 17025 Fully Accredited
  • CEC Approved Test Lab
  • EPA 3rd Party Approved Test Lab for Energy Star