By ensuring stores are constructed as designed, before a new facility opens, retailers can minimize future costs and maintenance nightmares.  The N-Commissioning™ process identifies construction deficiencies, and helps retailers make swift, sound decisions prior to opening.  As part of our N-Commissioning services, we provide retailers with an improved store opening experience, lower operational costs once the store is open, extended equipment life, and protection against possible warranty issues.


Primary benefits from N-Commissioning include:

  • Assuring your equipment purchases and construction contracts are providing full value
  • Increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy expenses while ensuring equipment reliability
  • Identifying problems before they are apparent such as incorrect roof penetrations, piping and wiring errors, and more
  • Improving the store opening experience
  • Improving product temperatures and reducing perishable shrink expense
  • Return visit verifies that problems truly are solved

Your Data, Available Anytime
We'll keep you up to date with regular reports and complete work list items, so you can more accurately monitor your maintenance methods.  All the information gathered at your facility is available to you in less than 48 hours on a secure web site designed exclusively for your use.  These reports are used to pinpoint problems and help you direct your maintenance staff more efficiently.  The result? Your operations run more efficiently and consume less energy than ever - adding more profits to your bottom line.

Monitor Your Savings
Once your facility is open for business with optimal setpoints, regularly verifying that these setpoints are still being used helps safeguard your energy savings.  With ProAct software's setpoint verification capabilities, sold separately, Emerson will regularly access your site and identify any setpoints that are no longer at their optimal value.  This helps protect your hard-earned operational savings from erosion by service providers.

Intelligent Store Architecture
Emerson's N-Commissioning is a service component of Emerson's Intelligent Store architecture.  The architecture creates an integrated suite of products and services that provide retail operators a new level of sophistication and insight into their oeprations. When integrated or linked together, these innovative products and services can provide maintenance, energy, and reliability gains.  Also included in the Intelligent Store are the E2 Facility Management System, Control Link® device controller, Intelligent Store Discus® compressor, select Lennox HVAC units, and other third party devices.