Emerson's patented E-Commissioning™ service has been designed with one goal in mind: optimize the energy efficiency of retailer operators' HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting systems within their existing facilities. E-Commissioning allows retailers to clearly see and understand current operating conditions, then provides the necessary knowledge to make the right changes at the right time. As part of our E-Commissioning services, we provide retail operators with complete program planning, implementation, technical teams, training, and management. In addition, we document step-by-step procedures to reset building and equipment controls to their optimum setpoints and uncover the problems that can lead to excessive usage, equipment failures, and costly maintenance calls.

Save Your Savings
After commissioning, Emerson creates a set of custom setpoints for a particular store. These operating points allow equipment to run optimally, with minimum energy consumption. Should you desire, ProAct™ software's setpoint verification capabilities, sold separately, will access your site monthly and verify that these setpoints are still in use. If these optimal setpoints have been modified, additional energy is being consumed unnecessarily. At your request, Emerson will identify these deviations, ensuring that your energy consumption remains at a minimum.

Reports Ready Anytime
We'll keep you up to date with regular reports and complete work list of items, so you can monitor more accurately your maintenance methods. All the information gathered at your facility is available to you in less than 48 hours on a secure web site designed exclusively for your use. These reports are used to pinpoint problems and help you direct your maintenance staff more efficiently. The result? Your operations run more efficiently and consume less energy than ever - adding more profits to your bottom line.

Intelligent Store Architecture
Emerson's E-Commissioning is a service component of Emerson's Intelligent Store architecture. The architecture creates an integrated suite of products and services that provide retail operators a new level of sophistication and insight into their operations. When integrated or linked together, these innovative products and services can provide maintenance, energy, and reliability gains. Also included in the Intelligent Store are the E2 Facility Management System, Control Link™ device controller, Intelligent Store Discus™ compressor, select Lennox HVAC units, and other third party devices.

BenefitsTypical Results

  • Typical E-Commissioning™ projects reduce energy usage by an average of 4% to 9% per store
  • Payback of just 8-14 months is common
  • Equipment is optimized for improved operational efficiency and energy savings

Typical E-Commissioning Findings include:

  • Mis-calibrated pressure transducers
  • Incorrect low and high temperature rack suction pressure setpoints
  • Incorrect medium temperature rack suction setpoints
  • Incorrect high-side setpoints
  • Mis-calibrated or non-functional humidity sensors 
  • Unloaders not working or in reverse 
  • Variable speed drives set for 60Hz continuous operation 
  • Failed or bypassed lighting control contactors