Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Copeland™ brand products


The "Product Return Matrix" documents below are to be used for selecting collect freight carriers when returning Copeland™ brand products to one of our facilities. Please select only those carriers to avoid issues with compressor delivery.


  • Returns of Copeland brand products will only be accepted from Authorized Copeland wholesaler locations. Products received from any other source will be refused when presented by the delivering carrier. If compressors or components not from Authorized Copeland wholesalers are received, they will be returned to the shipper at his expense.
  • Compressors or parts returned through an Authorized Copeland wholesaler are subject to inspection to determine cause of failure. Emerson Climate Technologies reserves the right to handle an item on an out-of-warranty basis if we determine the returned product operates normally or the product failed because of misuse or abuse.
  • The limited warranty that Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. extends to its direct purchasers is is set forth in the standard terms and conditions.
    Terms & Conditions of Sale for Copeland Brand Products


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