Copeland X-Ref™

Copeland X-Ref™ 


(July 9, 2013)
Copeland X-Ref™
Instant mobile access to Emerson’s compressor cross-reference database

Copeland X-Ref™ version 3.0 provides on-the-go access to Emerson’s air conditioning compressor cross-reference database to product specifications and replacement Copeland™ compressors. The mobile application includes new functionality for quick and convenient access. In addition to pulling up information using the first three digits of a compressor model number, contractors can now use the new label bar code scanning feature to quickly search Emerson’s compressor database for replacement product information.

The updated Copeland X-Ref version 3.0 mobile app also includes:

  • Model Bar code scanning
  • Includes capacitor specifications
  • Performance information at two condition points
  • Expanded model data base
  • Enhanced mechanical and electrical information
  • Auto fill model recommendations
  • “Tab” style user interface

Download the Copeland X-Ref version 3.0 application for your Android™or iPhone® devices or Copeland X-Ref version 2.0 on your Blackberry® device for FREE.