UltraSite™ Technical Bulletins

UltraSite™ Technical Bulletins

UltraSite™ Network Installation Guidelines
026-2503 Rev 1 16-MAR-2010

Provides instructions to support users who wish to install UltraSite32 on
a LAN or WAN with multiple client machines using a shared database
from a network server

Advisory for Installers of E2 2.81 and UltraSite32 4.81 and Above
026-4127 Rev 3 07-MAR-2011

Contains special instructions and warnings about changes introduced
into the 2.8x / 4.8x revisions of E2 and UltraSite32

Compatibility between E2 and UltraSite Versions
026-4305 Rev 2 04-23-2008

Outlines compatibility between E2 and UltraSite32 versions.

Updating E2 Controller Firmware Using UltraSite32
026-4306 Rev 0 8-17-2007

Instructions on how to use UltraSite32 to update E2 controller firmware

Upgrading E2 Firmware Versions 2.01F01 and Older With 2.06F01 or Greater
026-4304 Rev 2 10-17-2004

Describes the procedure necessary to upgrade E2 versions before 2.06 to version 2.06
and above.

Disabling Tool Tips and Transition Effects in Windows XP for UltraSite32
026-4300 Rev 1 07-20-2004

Instructions for Disabling Tool Tips and Transition Effects in Windows
2000 and XP for UltraSite32, to prevent UltraSite32 crash when a
drop-down menu is activated.

Installing UltraSite32 on PCs Using Non-English Versions of Windows
026-4301 Rev 0 12-16-2003

Instructions for installing UltraSite32 on non-English Windows PCs
(includes registering DAO350.dll instructions).

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