Box Retail

Box Retail

Emerson Climate Technologies specializes in helping chain operators develop custom solutions around their specific goals. Using hardware and services from the Intelligent Store™ architecture, retailers reduce energy costs while minimizing maintenance expenses. This dramatically improves the retailer's profitability and maintains a comfortable environment for employees and customers.

Products like the Copeland Scroll™ and Comfort Alert™ module supply critical information to E2 Facility Management System, which then connects to the ProAct Service Center to help retailers track energy usage, equipment alarms, and service dispatches across their enterprise. Enabling unprecedented enterprise visibility gives retailers the actionable information they need to make better decisions and improve energy efficiency.

Emerson offers the following products to the box retail industry:

XWeb Supervisory Platform
E2 Facility Management System
Expansion Valves
System Protectors
Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)