Network Partners

Network Partners

Robert V. Nash, Jr., Sr. Engineer

  • Engineering Degree with Distinction in Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning from Ferris State University with minor in Business Administration.
  • Has extensive experience in the refrigeration and HVAC field, including environmental test chambers, component manufacturing, and the food service industry. Worked with Tyler Refrigeration Division of Carrier Corporation as Director of Advanced Engineering and Refrigeration Development, with Temprite as VP of Operations and Engineering, with ESPEC Industries as Engineering Manager/Chief Refrigeration Engineer, with Thermotron Industries as Chief Refrigeration Engineer, and have spent many years as an Engineering Consultant.
  • Received several patents in the HVACR field. Has been published in many trade magazines and have presented at several venues. Affiliated with and has membership in several professional organizations. Have extensive international experience, worked in academia, with governmental agencies, and with regulatory/standards agencies. Have helped developed new and updated existing standards/regulations and has served on many steering committees.
  • Areas of expertise include commercial/industrial refrigeration, cascade/ULT/biomedical refrigeration, system design (direct-expansion and secondary-coolant systems utilizing conventional and natural refrigerants and secondary coolants, including experience with cascaded and trans-critical CO2 systems), heat transfer, manufacturing, regulatory requirements (food safety regulations, energy regulations and safety standards), project management, electrical and controls design, sales/marketing/application engineering and business development.

Brian Buynacek, PE, Sr. Engineer & Marketing Consultant

  • Master's degree in Business Administration, University of Dayton; Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering Cornell University; Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, University of Dayton.
  • Worked with Emerson for 15 years as an advanced manufacturing engineer, application engineer for Asia and product manager. Also worked in the telecom industry with Lucent Technologies before becoming a consultant.
  • As an affiliate of Design Services Network, Brian has driven more than 100 key projects.

Rudy C. Bussjager, Sr. Consultant

  • Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Syracuse University. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Marquette University.
  • Over 37 years in New Product Development with Carrier Corporation concentrating in Commercial products with emphasis in small roof tops 3 through 12.5 tons.
  • Areas of expertise include product development, project management, product testing, agency certification, and design/selection of all components used in packaged air conditioning products.

Konrad Chmielewski, Consultant

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois with additional work and studies in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Microbiology.
  • Thirty-eight years HVAC/R experience in progressive engineering positions including manager, director of engineering, laboratory manager, and technical specialist. Companies worked with include Climate Master, Rheem, Traulsen, Electrolux, Lennox, Bosch Thermotechnology, and UL.
  • Experienced with small unitary equipment including mini-splits; large unitary equipment; air turnover units; water source, geothermal, and multi source heat pumps; commercial kitchen reach-in equipment; home freezer products, and standards development.
  • Specialties include: Problem solving – using recognized principles as well as bringing knowledge from other disciplines to solve a seemingly unrelated problem; e.g., formicary corrosion; research, including steering the efforts of contracted laboratories; product design – HVAC/R systems and subsystems; design optimization – Value Engineering; mentoring individuals; application of new, innovative or unconventional technologies; participation in AHRI/ASHRAE Standards development.
  • Patents: Three US patents, Low NOx burner also patented in numerous foreign and overseas countries.
  • Memberships: American Chemical Society; Society of Plastics Engineers; American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

Michael Hughes, Consultant

  • BAgrE, Cornell University (Class Rank – 1)
  • Over 35 years experience in Air Conditioning equipment design including small and large unitary equipment at Carrier, Modine and John Zink (AAON). Other equipment included water source heat pumps and packaged terminal units. Experience also included engineering management with responsibilities over project engineers, drafting, laboratories and model shop at Modine, John Zink and Climate Master.
  • Primary coordinator of early development of R-410A as the best alternative to R-22. Directed computer performance simulations, component and system testing and cost modeling at AlliedSignal (Honeywell).
  • Three patents including dual source (air/water) heat pump and a new alternative refrigerant for centrifugal compressors.
  • Authored many technical papers for ASHRAE, EPRI conferences and Oak Ridge conferences. Also contributed to both ASHRAE and McGraw Hill handbooks.
  • Participated in preparation of ARI and ASHRAE standards; served as Chair of ARI General Standards Committee for 4 years.

John P. (Jack) Elson, Ph.D., Sr. Consultant

  • Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. Bachelor and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Bradley University.
  • Over 35 years experience in new product development at Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. Served as Engineering Director for multiple compressor development programs including the first production scroll compressors, and scroll transport, cryogenic and natural gas compressors.
  • Inventor and technical author with over 15 patents and 15 technical papers. Recognized by Emerson with two Technology Awards and one Leadership Aware for new product contributions.
  • Experience in compresor/system interaction for optimum performance, durability and noise vibration control. Expertise includes knowledge and experience to both clarify problems and identify solutions leading to improved product performance and durability.

Daniel C. Leaver, PE, MBA, Sr. Consultant

  • Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin – Madison; Master’s of Business Administration, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.
  • 29 years of HVAC experience working for The Trane Company; 15 years of focus in developing new water chiller designs for the marketplace; 5 years of new product development experience in the food services industry.
  • Expert in the cycle analysis and design of refrigeration systems using R22, R123, R134a, R404a, R407C, and R410A; experience in project management and the leadership of cross-functional teams in the new product development process; knowledgeable in the use of QFD, VOC, DFMEA, and 6-Sigma tools that lead to robust design solutions.
  • Recipient of eight patents.

Duane Fry

  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, Western Michigan University. Associate degree in HVAC, Ferris State University.
  • More than 35 years of experience in the refrigeration field. 25 years at Tecumseh Products, that included taking the first rotary compressor from development phase to production. Manager of Hermetic Compressor Group. Four years at Thermotron Corp., specializing in low temp and special design test equipment. Test Manager of Federal Mogul Corp. Research Lab for three years.
  • Expertise includes refrigeration system design, cascade design, refrigerants, lubrication engineering.

Scott Calvert, IDSA

  • Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University and member of the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA).
  • Thirty years experience in product design and development. Ten years as Vice President of Design at the Product Design Center, Inc. Management of programs for Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Mack Truck, Ford Motor Company, Dow Chemical, and Reichhold Chemical.
  • Corporate experience includes four years as project engineer at GE Appliance and 15 years developing new applications for fiber-reinforced plastics at Owens Corning Fiberglass.

Robert Topper, PE, Sr. Engineer, Consultant

  • BSE in Aerospace Engineering, MSE in Applied Physics; Catholic University, Washington DC
  • 32 Years experience at OEMs including Carrier, Electrolux, and NASA, plus 6 years experience as independent engineering consultant.
  • Areas of expertise include heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and commercial refrigerator and freezer design, plus strong general engineering ability.

Bob Utter, Sr. Consultant

  • BSME, University of Nebraska
  • Thirty years experience developing new mechanical and heat transfer technology, new products, and new systems in complex engineering environments.
  • Seventeen years in progressive engineering management positions with industry leading companies such as Trane Company, Tecumseh Products Company and Brazeway.
  • Strategic thinker with vision and innovative solutions to complex technical and managerial problems.
  • Inventor with over 25 patents on mechanical and heat transfer technology.

Ted Tinsler, Sr. Consultant

  • Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University; Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University.
  • More than 35 years of experience in the refrigeration field, including time in military and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning, consumer air conditioning, condensing units, refrigerant recovery and the commercial food service markets. Background in engineering, management, manufacturing, quality control and sales.
  • Areas of expertise include refrigeration system analysis and design, refrigerants, heat transfer, fluid flow, plastic component design and project management.

Benjamin D. Miller, PE, Sr. Engineer, Consultant

  • Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology.
  • More than 30 years of experience in the refrigeration field, including ice makers, ice and beverage dispensers, water chillers, custom fractional-horsepower systems, and industrial ammonia equipment.
  • Background in engineering, management, manufacturing, and quality control.
  • Expertise includes refrigeration system design, appliance manufacturing, controls and sensors, product testing, and agency approvals.
  • Other capabilities include industrial power system design and troubleshooting, power quality analysis, process controls, PLC programming, and electrical training.

Dwight S. Musgrave, Sr. Consultant

  • Master’s degree Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology.
  • Thirteen years experience as an engineer and manager in new product development for major corporations including manager of Exploratory Research.
  • More than 14 years new product development consulting experience from concept through production for products ranging from biomedical blood analyzers to consumer appliance and recreation products to military and scientific applications. Expertise includes building and managing consulting teams involving industrial designers, engineers, chemists, and other scientists to meet the requirements of consulting projects (VP Engineering, Product Design Center, Inc.).
  • Extensive personal experience in computer Finite Element Analysis (FEA): steady-state and transient thermal analysis, linear and non-linear structural analysis, coupled physics such as combined structural/thermal analysis, etc.
  • Expertise includes the manufacturing and application of high performance vacuum insulation.

Bill White, Sr. Consultant, Technical Marketing Specialist

  • Thirty-five years in product development, sales, integrated marketing, technical writing and training
  • Marketing liaison between R&D/engineering and marketing/sales.
  • Familiar with scientific, commercial and industrial refrigeration, controls, monitoring and energy management.
  • Experienced in brand development and management for products, systems, components and sub-systems to achieve unique selling value statements
  • Integrated marketing development to include Web-centric communications, information mapping, white papers, technical literature and field sales and service support.
  • Specialization includes ultra-low and cryogenic refrigeration products, cell culture bioreactors, fermentation systems, high-performance refrigeration systems, blast freezers, cold traps, chillers, inventory management systems and instrumentation for control, alarm, monitoring, compliance FDA 21CFR, American Association of Blood Banks, American National Red Cross.

Curt Slayton, PE, Sr. Consultant

  • Bachelor of Physics and Master of Mechanical Engineering Management from the University of Louisville. Graduated from the General Electric Advance Course in Engineering.
  • More than 30 years experience with General Electric Appliance Division, including Manager of Refrigeration Design Engineering and Manager of Air Conditioning Design Engineering.
  • More than 35 years experience in compressor development, design, application, and evaluation.
  • More than 15 years consulting experience for domestic and international OEMs in refrigeration, air conditioning, and compressor technologies.
  • Oversees accelerated life test facility with more than 100 test stands designed for system and compressor evaluation, durability, and reliability.

Jay Parikh, PE, Sr. Consultant

  • MBA, Roosevelt University; MME Illinois Institute of Technology; BME, SP University.
  • More than thirty three years experience in R&D, manufacturing, consulting, product testing and certification, agency approvals, engineering management, standards & codes development, regulatory compliance, and international business.
  • Twenty six years at UL working in the commercial kitchen ventilation, fire protection, and air movement and control industries assisting OEMs with related certification needs.
  • Developed and maintained UL & ANSI standards, and participated in ASHRAE, NFPA, ICC, NAFEM, NRA, and AMCA activities and technical committees.
  • International experience includes establishing of India operation, and supporting OEM compliance efforts in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Europe, and Latin America.

Charles Bemisderfer

  • BSME Purdue University, MS Engineering from University of Connecticut
  • More than 30 years applying thermal science to A/C products and developing commercially viable compact heat exchangers for aerospace, vehicular and A/C Markets. (York International Corp. as Engineering Manager, Modine Mfg. Co. as Engineering Manager, Sundstrand Heat Transfer as Senior Engineer)
  • More than 20 years experience applying thermal science to products outside the A/C industry including glass-forming processes and aerospace R&D hardware.
  • Areas of expertise: heat transfer and fluid flow analysis (CFD), computer programming for scientific applications, coil rating software, coil fin development, optimization analysis for best cost-to-benefit results and project management.

Steve Region

  • AASEE, WVU. Electronics/Avionics, USMC
  • More than 30 years of experience in the electronics field. Worked on numerous design projects including automotive, avionics, audio, biomedical, computer, consumer products, food services, lighting, marine, machine control, microwave, power utilities, power equipment, power vehicles, photography, textile and x-ray.
  • Patent for an Automated Voltage Control device for increasing or decreasing voltage to a compressor.
  • Background in engineering, manufacturing, service and sales.

Lew Wayburn

  • BSME, USC. 5 patents issued.
  • More than 25 years experience in creative problem solving, management and engineering. Worked on Advanced Thermal Control for microprocessor testing equipment at the Big 3, thermally accelerated processors for end use mainframes & PC’s, miniature refrigeration and system design.
  • Background in engineering, management and sales.

Steven Lowe

  • BSME Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • More than 30 years experience designing, building, integrating and troubleshooting thermal systems. Including single, two stage cascade refrigeration systems, cooling and heating systems for medical, food services, industrial, electronics and test applications.

Dr. Georgi Kazachki, Sr. Consultant

  • Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague.
  • More than 35 years of national and international experience in refrigeration and air-conditioning, including contributions to the theory of vapor-compression cycles, refrigerants, and secondary coolants; system and components design, application, performance and efficiency analysis; testing, test methods and standards development in applications from low-temperature cascade and auto-cascade to high-temperature heat pumps.
  • Direct-expansion and secondary-coolant systems with conventional and natural refrigerants and secondary coolants, including CO2 secondary, cascade, and trans-critical for commercial and industrial applications.
  • 20+ years of experience as Expert Consultant for industry, government, and academia on systems performance, energy efficiency and renewable energy, GHG emissions reduction, and sustainability, 15+ years of experience as Director of Research & Development