Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide


​Number ​TITLE
​026-4237 E2 and XM678D with EX3 Installation, Replacement, and Troubleshooting Guide​
​026-4240 ​E2 and 678D V.2.5 Set Up Guide
​026-4956 ​E2 Setup with RTD-Net Interface MODBUS Device for 527-0447


Revised Eaton Electric Vehicle Power Charging Station MODBUS Device E2 Setup for 527-0354
026-4914 ​Liebert Mini Mate MODBUS Device E2 Setup for 527-0340
026-4918 Carel EVD Evolution MODBUS Device E2 Setup for 527-0355
026-4921 Setup with Carrier Corporation’s RTU Open Controller for 527-0359
​026-4922 E2 Setup with Veeder-Root TLS-350 MODBUS Device for 527-0370
026-4924 ​E2 Setup with XC643CX Version 2.07 Controller MODBUS Device for 527-0368
026-4929 E2 Setup with XC1011D Version 1.05 Controller MODBUS Device for 527-0372
026-4130 E2 Application Matrix
026-4931 E2 Setup with XC460D Version 2.1 Controller MODBUS Device for 527-0381
​026-4939 E2 Setup with GENERAC H-100 Panel MODBUS Device for 527-0405
026-4940 ​E2 Setup with LOCHINVAR Water Heater Model AWN501PM MODBUS Device for 527-0369
026-4942 ​E2 Setup with Leviton EZ-MAX Plus BACnet® Device for 527-0409
​026-4945 E2 Setup with Schneider PM210 MODBUS Device for 527-0397
​026-4946 E2 Setup with Schneider PM3250 MODBUS Device for 527-0394
026-4950 E2 Setup with M400 VFD Drive for 527-0431
​026-4951 E2 Setup with EM21 v72D Energy Meter Device for 527-0436
​026-4952 E2 Setup with LMC 340 Lodam Condensing Unit Controller for 527-0437
​026-4953 ​E2 Setup with the High Pressure CO2 Controller for 527-0396



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