Technical Support

Technical Support

Copeland Brand Products:
If you require technical support on Copeland brand products, please contact a Copeland Technical Specialist at your local Emerson Authorized Full-Line or Authorized Copeland wholesaler. To see a listing of authorized branches, use the Distributor Locator tool.

If you are a wholesaler and are unaware of who the Copeland Technical Specialist is for your company, contact Emerson’s Customer Service for assistance.

If you are looking for technical data for Copeland brand products, you may access Online Product Information or call 519-756-6157.

Emerson Valves, Controls & System Protectors:
Please call 519-756-6157

Emerson E2 Facility Management Systems (formerly CPC):
Please call 770-425-2724

Emerson AC Drives:
Technical Support: 800-893-2321 or
After Market Technical Support: 800-367-8067 

Please contact us at for parameter controllers and systems.
Please contact us at for iPro programmable controllers.

Please call 1-800-862-2677

If you don’t see the contact number for your products, you may contact us online.