Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Customers need more energy savings. Today, HVAC accounts for 40 to 60 percent of the energy used in commercial and residential buildings across the U.S. This represents an opportunity for energy savings using proven technologies, such as Copeland Scroll® compressors. In fact, contractors have more opportunities than ever to up sell and satisfy their customers with improved comfort and energy savings.

Right now, today’s residential air conditioning systems use about five percent of our country’s total electricity output at a cost of over $11 billion to homeowners.  By switching homeowners to high-efficiency systems, they could help reduce this energy use by 20-60 percent.

HVAC accounts for almost 56 percent of the total energy consumed in U.S. buildings. Behind that figure, you’ll find hundreds of business and building owners, eager to control their energy costs. 

To calculate the potential annual energy savings that can be achieved by upgrading to a higher-efficiency system, click on the number of the zone in which you live to view heating and cooling tables. Find the SEER rating for your current system and cross reference it to the SEER rating of the new system.