Product Selection Software

Product Selection Software

Emerson Climate Technologies Product Selection Software (PSS) replaced the Copeland® Compressor Performance Calculator and Energy Calculator tools which became obsolete on April 5, 2012 and no longer available for downloads.  PSS is an integrated PC based software tool that allows users to select and generate compressor performance.  Additionally, system designers can simulate a refrigeration rack of up to 10 compressors, perform seasonal analysis and determine its annual operating cost.  Users can generate non-standard conditions compressor performance, download rating coefficients, view reference drawings, wiring diagrams, bill-of-materials and perform simplified system analysis.  Other supporting functions available in the tool are:

  • View / search Application Engineering Bulletins
  •  Thermodynamic & Transport properties of refrigerants 
  • English and Metric engineering units
  • English and Spanish capability
  • Generate refrigeration loads of walk-in coolers and freezers.
  • Capability to perform AEER Analysis using user selected compressors.

Additionally, users may select and install only those functions that are best suited for their needs instead of the full installation.  Customized functions may be selected by choosing the option "Custom" in the installation setup and options available are listed below.

  • Product Performance: This capability is similar to the obsolete Copeland® Compressor Performance Calculator plus it has some new functions. This option provides compressor performance, operating envelope, exporting of compressor coefficients, estimation of electrical current and condenser heat rejection. You will need about 205 MB of hard drive space for this capability.
  • Product Information: This option provides compressor performance along with information such as access to reference drawings, wiring diagrams, and brazed plate heat exchanger selection for vapor injected compressors. This capability is similar to the Product Performance with a few additional functions. You will need about 240 MB of hard drive space for this capability.
  • Annual Energy Analysis: This function allows users to estimate annual energy usage by a single or a group of compressors using the weather data for over 500 US and international locations. Additionally, users can obtain compressor performance; view reference drawings and wiring diagrams; estimate condenser heat rejection and select brazed plate heat exchanger. This capability is similar to the obsolete Copeland Energy Calculator plus it has a few new functions. You will need about 300 MB of hard drive space for this function.
  • Application Engineering Bulletins: This module provides technical information on application of Emerson’s compressors and condensing units. You will need about 200 MB of hard drive space for this capability.  Bulletins are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

System Requirements: A Pentium® 4, 500 MHz Processor, 1 GB RAM (1.5 GB RAM Recommended), 500 MB Free Hard Disk Space, Windows® XP or Vista or Windows 7 Operating System (32 bit or 64 bit), Microsoft Internet Explorer® Version 6.0 or Higher, Adobe Reader Version 8.0 or Higher (Included in Installation) and 1024x768 Minimum System Resolution.

If you experience problems or have questions about the installation, please email to

* Note: You may need administrative rights to install Product Selection Software.


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