Facility Controls

Facility Controls

Emerson's facility controls lower energy and maintenance needs while providing single point access to your facilities through the precise and efficient control of the E2 Facility Management System for large retailers, the XWeb supervisory platform for small retailers, and now the Next Generation ecoSYS Site Administrator. Click on the links to learn more about each control offering.




Control Link refrigeration equipment controllers


XR series case controllers for medium and low temperature refrigerated applications


XH50 anti-condensate heater controllers


XJ wireless module provides wireless monitoring of refrigeration cases
HVAC, Lighting & Air Quality


iPro controller for HVAC and lighting


Variable Air Volume (VAV) system controls for air quality improvement


Multiflex input, output and smart control solutions

When integrated with the supervisory platform, these controllers can:

  • Streamline the work for operators and stakeholders
  • Automatically log and monitor temperature data
  • Send notifications for potential maintenance conditions like extended defrost or temperature instability
  • Minimize spoilage loss by ensuring the quality of perishable products
  • Increase profitability


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