MultiFlex ESR

MultiFlex ESR

The MultiFlex ESR is the “intelligent” alternative to mechanical suction pressure regulation in refrigerated case circuits.

Greater precision control

  • When used with an E2 Facility Management System, Emerson Electronic Stepper Regulator (ESR) products allow you to replace traditional mechanical evaporator pressure regulators (EPR’s) with variable-position ESR valves.
  • Provides greater precision in controlling temperature, precision you can use to reduce product shrinkage and energy expenses

Unmatched temperature reliability and accuracy

  • Computer-controlled accuracy of ESR valves modulates to maintain product temperatures to one-half degree Fahrenheit of setpoint temperatures.
  • Can open and close to the exact position needed to achieve the case-circuit temperature setpoint by using suction stepper valves in place of mechanical EPR’s
  • Stabilizes temperature by automatic closing and opening of valves either to increase or decrease pressure

Product Documentation

Click here to download the MultiFlex ESR's user manual.

Click here to download a CAD drawing of the MultiFlex ESR.

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MuliFlex ESR