MultiFlex Technical Bulletins

MultiFlex Technical Bulletins

MultiFlex 16 Installation Sheet
026-2006 Rev 0 05-28-2002

One-page installation sheet shipped with all MultiFlex 16 boards to aid in installation.

MultiFlex Combination I/O Installation Instructions
026-2007 Rev 0 05-28-2003

One-page installation sheet for all models of the MultiFlex I/O board except the MultiFlex 16

Daisy Chain Power Module Installation Instructions
026-4203 Rev 0 08-14-2000

Instructions for using the daisy-chain power module to control lights, fans, anti-sweat, etc. in a 2nd case controlled by a CC-100P with dual pulse valve control capability.

Class A Product Information: Einstein, E2 Controllers
026-4208 Rev 0 03-26-2004

A warning that all Einstein and E2 controllers are classified as Class A (may cause radio interference).

Class A Product Information: MultiFlex Boards
026-4209 Rev 0 03-26-2004

Warning that MultiFlex boards are Class A Products. (may cause radio interference in a domestic environment)

MultiFlex Plus (+) Board Announcement
026-4210 Rev 0 05-03-2004

Discusses the difference in the load amounts the MF-Plus boards and non-plus boards put on the network and the ability to add more boards than before when using the MF-plus board.

Relay Output Test Mode
026-4211 Rev 0 03-08-2006

Technical bulletin describes the new Relay Output Test Mode feature on MultiFlex I/O boards.

MultiFlex I/O, CUB, and RTU Wiring Guidelines
026-4803 Rev 1 05-20-2002

Tech bulletin explaining powering of MultiFlex boards based on old-style (non-isolated power supply) versus new-style (isolated power supply)