E2 Technical Bulletins

E2 Technical Bulletins 

New XJ Condensing Unit Models Incorporate Communication Boards for
direct E2 Connectivity
EOL 1101 07-06-2011
Product End-of-Life Notification for the phase-out/replacement of XJ Condensing

E2 User’s Manual Supplement: Flexible Combiner Programming
026-1620 Rev 1 11-04-2009

Instructions for programming a flexible combiner in E2

Copeland PerformanceAlert Integration with E2 RX Controllers
026-1724 Rev 1 01-15-2009
Instructions for integrating the PerformanceAlert module with the E2 RX

Control Techniques Variable-Speed Drive (VSD) Interface to E2 ver. 2.40 and
026-4122 Rev 1 06-16-2008

Wiring instructions and setup for VSD interface

Revised E2 Controller Wiring Guidlines
026-4125 Rev 2 08-17-2007
Revised guildlines regarding grounding components

E2 Controller Wiring Practices
026-1903 Rev 4 04-19-2010
Revised wiring instructions and specifications

Clarification of the Operation of Alarm Annunciators in an E2 Control System
026-4214 Rev 0 01-30-2007

Use of alarm annunciator in a site with multiple E2's

E2 Enhanced Suction Group Setup Guide
026-4120 Rev 0 06-08-2006

Tech bulletin to help users transition from old to new suction groups.

E2 CCB Case Control Support and RMCC Retrofitting
026-4119 Rev 0 04-05-2006
Instructions for technicians retrofitting E2 into CCB-equipped RMCC stores

E2 License Key Installation
026-4118 Rev 1 07-03-2006

Explains how to enter a license key obtained from CPC into E2 to unlock purchased

Lennox IMC Interface to E2 BX Building Controller
026-4117 Rev 3 07-12-2006

Installation and operation instructions for the E2 BX interface with Lennox IMC
(versions 2.21 and above).

Safety Advisory: Configuring Einstein/E2 Refrigerant Transducer Inputs to
Prevent Exhaust Fan Shutdown Due to Open Sensor
026-4116 Rev 0 03-24-2005
Describes a potential safety issue when using refrigerant transducers -- using default Einstein/E2 point settings, a refrigerant transducer can read OPEN when
concentration levels are high, and result in exhaust fan shutdown in Analog Sensor

Decommissioning an E2 Network Controller Causes Problems (Subnet 129)
026-4115 Rev 0 03-11-2005
Technical bulletin describing the Subnet 129 issue that occurs when a controller is decommissioned when removed from an E2 Network Controller List.

Setting Up Alco ESR12 Stepper Valves in Einstein & E2
026-4113 Rev 0 12-16-2003
Technical bulletin explaining how to work around the default 500-step maximum
number of steps preset for Alco (Flow Controls) ESR12 valves with 800 steps.

Powering E2s/Einsteins with 208VAC Power
026-4111 Rev 0 10-06-2003

Technical bulletin to clarify use of 208VAC power with E2, to prevent against
undervoltage when 208V power applied to our 240V transformers

ESR8 Software Setup
026-2605 Rev 0 07-19-1999

Brief step-by-step description of how to commission and set up an ESR8 in
Einstein. This info is now included in 026-2903, ESR8 Installation Instructions.

Compatibility between E2 and UltraSite Versions
026-4305 Rev 2 04-23-20078

Outlines compatibility between E2 and UltraSite32 versions.

Updating E2 Controller Firmware Using UltraSite32
026-4306 Rev 0 8-17-2007

Instructions on how to use UltraSite32 to update E2 controller firmware

Upgrading E2 Firmware Versions 2.01F01 and Older With 2.06F01 or Greater
026-4304 Rev 2 10-17-2004

Describes the procedure necessary to upgrade E2 versions before 2.06 to version
2.06 and above.

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