Electronic Unit Controller

Electronic Unit Controller

Emerson Climate Technologies’ Electronic Unit Controller simplifies commercial refrigeration system operation  while increasing system accuracy, protection and capabilities. The Emerson Electronic Unit Controller takes condensing unit reliability, service, and diagnostics to the next level by switching from traditional mechanical control to  a more advanced electronic system of control. 

  • Controls unit based on suction pressure for improved set-point accuracy resulting in quick and easy set up and service
  • Comes with built in bump start, time delay, data storage, discharge line protection, and short cycle protection for fewer service calls and extended system life
  • Uses mid-coil temperature sensors and suction pressure transducer for smart fan cycling, multi-refrigerant capability and more stable low pressure control
  • Comes with fixed mechanical switch for high pressure UL safety device

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 Standard Features Optional Features  
Low Pressure
  • Standard Setting
  • LED Display Setup
  • Improved/Stable Set-point Accuracy
Low Pressure
  • Customer Specified Setting


  • Condensing Temp
  • Suction Pressure
  • Fan Run Hours
  • Compressor Run Hours
  • High Pressure Control Trips
  • Compressor Cycles
  • Discharge Line Temperature on Scroll Units
  • Bump Start Locked
  • Short Cycle Protection Off Time Set to 6 Seconds
  • Smart Fan Control on Units with Fan Cycling
  • DLT Added and Set to Customer Specified Setting
  • Bump Start On and Set to Customer Specified Setting
  • Short Cycle Protection Off Time Set to Customer Specified Setting
  • Customer Specified Fan Cycling Set Points
  • Short Cycle Protection - Minimum Time Between 2 Compressor Starts
  • Condenser Temp Warning on 2 Fan Units
  • Alarm Output for Non-dual Fan Cycling Units
  • Performance Alert Readouts

Overview Presentation

Background on Copeland Electronic Unit Controller


This brochure provides a quick start guide to using the Copeland Electronic Unit Controller

Quantifiable Business Result

Contractor reduces set-up time with Electronic Unit Controller

Quantifiable Business Result

Contractors gain accuracy, save time with Electronic Unit Controller

Replacement Instructions

for the Electronic Unit Controller

AE Bulletin-1376

Getting Started Video
This video introduces the fundamentals in using the Electronic Unit Controller
Alarm Codes and Service Video
See how the service and alarm features are put to use on the Electronic Unit Controller