Copeland Scroll™ Residential Compressors

Copeland Scroll™ Residential Compressors

Copeland Scroll™ residential compressors have a reputation for proven performance... performance that continues to advance generation after generation.

The next generation of Copeland Scroll residential compressors are R-410A ready, optimized for 13+ SEER applications and built around a unique technology that wears in and not out. They include the latest advances in Copeland Scroll technology featuring 20 major design improvements and breakthroughs in protection, reliability, efficiency and sound.  

Copeland Scroll variable speed compressor
            2011 Dealer Design Awards



   Download the eSaver mobile application AHR Expo 2014 Innovation Award Winner  AHR Expo 2014 Innovation Award Winner 

Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor
  • Superior comfort and energy savings
  • Optimized for high efficiency air conditioning and heat pump applications
  • Up to 13 HSPF, 31% greater efficiency than today's best heat pumps on the market
  • Up to 60% capacity reduction turndown
  • Nearly 60% overspeed capability
  • 2-5HP for residential applications
  • Winner of the 2012 AHR Innovation Award

 Copeland Scroll UltraTech Compressor


Copeland Scroll UltraTech™ Compressor 

  • Performance increase at full-load and part-load with up to 5.5% increase in efficiency       
  • Improved two-stage capacity design
  • Optimized for 15+ SEER tax credits and Energy Star
  • Available in 2-5HP
  • Part of Emerson Climate Technologies' Comfort Encoded™ Solutions
  • Designed for use with CoreSense™ technology
Copeland Scroll ZPK5 compressor

Copeland Scroll™ ZPK5 Compressor

  • Proven performance and reliability with the fifth generation Copeland Scroll platform
  • 13 and 14 SEER optimized
  • R-410A ready
  • 20 design improvements
  • Designed for use with CoreSense™ technology

 Copeland Scroll ZRK5 compressor

Copeland Scroll™ ZRK5 Compressor

  • Improved efficiency, reliability, and sound performance
  • Optimized design for R-22 and R-407C
  • Consolidated product line
  • Reduced service compressor stocking requirements (from 51 to 12 models)
  • Designed for use with CoreSense™ technology

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