Vendor Guide

Vendor Guide

Vilter Manufacturing LLC constantly strives to build “win-win” relationships with suppliers who can provide the best quality, service and delivery all at the most competitive prices.  In partnership with Vilter, our ideal suppliers focus on continuous improvement to keep costs down while maintaining engineering and production requirements.  We believe an intense focus on communication is the foundation for developing these relationships for the long haul.

We are developing a Supplier Requirements Manual to better communicate the tools, measurements, and procedures necessary to maintain and insure the highest quality of components for use in our equipment.

As a prospective supplier we suggest reviewing the following contents:

  • Quality Policy
  • General Information
  • Code of Ethics
  • Supplier Expectations

For those suppliers whom we have established a relationship with, please use the manual as reference for continuous improvement and general review of requirements.

Vilter is committed to continuous improvement in partnership with their suppliers.  We look forward to the opportunity to grow current relationships and establish new ones for the future.  The success and quality of our equipment is directly related to that of our suppliers.