Life with Emerson
There's good news! Life with Emerson is now going to get a whole lot more interesting. Our newsletter – "Life With Emerson" – is set to hit your desktops and work-stations periodically!

This newsletter will be action-packed and content rich, bringing you all the happenings and events at Emerson around the globe. It will be as much a vehicle of information-dispensation as it will be a platform to celebrate our achievements and bring together the entire Emerson family as one. This edition of Life With Emerson celebrates the hugely inspiring achivement of reaching the 100 million scroll compressor landmark as also the various winners at the 5th edition of The Emerson Cup.

As we go along we will incorporate your views and suggestions in this newsletter to make it more inclusive and representative. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed compiling it.

Click on Consultant or Developer to download the newsletter.