Semi-Hermetic Compressors
Semi-Hermetic Compressors

For years Emerson’s semi-hermetic compressors have been the efficiency choice in refrigeration. Discus™ compressors have led the industry in terms of energy efficiency for decades, delivering up to 10% more efficiency than any reed reciprocating compressor technology offered by other manufacturers. The performance of those reed reciprocating compressors meets basic market requirements but cannot compete with either Discus® compressors or the new Stream series in terms of low energy consumption. 


Stream Series:

  • One model for multi-refrigerants R404A,
    R407C, R134a and R22
  • New range of four and six cylinder compressors from 62–153 m3/h
  • Extended cooling capacity and up to 15% more efficient than the next best competitive compressor
  • Emerson CoreSense™ Diagnostics technology providing advanced protection, diagnostics and preventive maintenance 
  • Continuous capacity modulation with inverter
  • Optional dedicated sound shell for 10 to 15dBA attenuation
Stream Digital Series

Stream Digital Series:

  • One model for multi-refrigerants R404A,
    R407C, R134a and R22
  • Continuous modulation from 50–100% (four cylinder) and 33–100% (six cylinder) ensuring a perfect match of capacity and power to load
  • Economical and reliable alternative to frequency inverters
  • Precise suction pressure control with associated energy savings and stable evaporating temperatures
  • Quick and easy integration into refrigeration equipment, similar to any other standard compressor
Stream Series for CO2 transcritical

Stream Series for CO2-transcritical:

  • Designed for durability and performance in R744 applications
  • Extremely low sound and pulsation
  • Compact dimensions
  • Continuous capacity modulation with inverter
  • Emerson CoreSense™ Diagnostics technology providing advanced protection, diagnostics and preventive maintenance
Discus Series

Discus Series:

  • One model for multi-refrigerants R404A, R134a, R407C and R22
  • Highest level of efficiency available on the market, whatever the refrigerant and operating condition 
  • Condensing limit as low as 5°C
  • Compatible with use of frequency inverters from 25–60Hz
  • Digital technology for 10–100% capacity modulation
  • Integrated oil pump and electronic Oil Pressure Switch OPS2 for maximum reliability

Standard Semi-Hermetic Compressors

Emerson Climate Technologies’ Copeland™ brand standard semi-hermetic compressors range from 2–50 HP for industrial process and refrigeration applications. Copeland semi-hermetic compressors include the L series, S series and 6T two-stage series which are widely used in supermarkets, cold rooms and equipment manufacturing areas. 

L Series

L Series:

  • Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor with a capacity range of 2-5 HP
  • Workhorse in highly demanding application conditions
  • Comes with a standard intelligent unit controller that allows for monitoring and system diagnose performance either on site or through a modem
S Series

S Series:

  • Covers all application ranges – high, medium and low temperatures
  • Capacity range of 5-50 HP
  • Comes with 2, 3, 4 and 6 cylinders
  • Multi-refrigerant – R-22, R404A and R407C
  • Designed with high-pressure internal oil pump for optimal lubrication and integrated oil pressure protection
  • Operates with variable speed drivers, single and multiple compressor rack configurations
6T. Two-stage Series

6T, Two-stage Series:

  • For refrigerants R404A and R-22
  • Capacity range of 15-30 HP
  • Designed for ultra low evaporating conditions down to -60°C
  • Allows liquid sub-cooling to improve cooling capacity and overall energy efficiency