AC Drives
AC Drives

Control Techniques offers a simple, flexible product line that makes choosing the right drive for your application easy. Our drives are designed and produced using technologies that reduce energy consumption and protect the environment; the materials used within our drives are up to 85% recyclable. Configure your Control Techniques drive to power a motor or re-circulate excess braking energy back into the mains supply, thus reducing energy consumption and significantly lowering your energy bills.

The Commander SK drive modules are ultra compact and offer excellent motor control. With onboard intelligence, I/O, Ethernet and fieldbus communications options, the Commander SK does much more than what is expected from a general purpose AC drive.

Power range
0.33 - 200 HP in 115, 208-230, 460, 575 and 690 Volts

Ideal for a wide range of applications including: pumps, fans, conveyors,
mixers, centrifuges, door and barrier opening systems, packaging

The Unidrive SP series of high performance drives give you the performance and flexibility to create new ways to innovate, find better ways to control your application, increase speeds, improve processes and reduce the footprint of your system.

  • Unidrive SP – Panel Mount
  • Unidrive SP – Free Standing
  • Unidrive SP – Modular