For more than 80 years, Emerson has been introducing pioneering technologies for the refrigeration market such as Copeland Scroll™ compressors,High Efficiency Discus™ Valve, Stream Technology, Digital Continuous capacity modulation, CoreSense™ Diagnostics for advanced protection etc. Our products give the right tools to reduce the carbon footprint of installations, optimize system design, efficiency, sound and reliability, while minimizing capital and operating costs for food retail, food processing, cold storages and large scale refrigeration applications.

The introduction of scroll compressors in 1987 has revolutionized the refrigeration industry. The scroll compressor has several unique advantages: high energy-efficiency ratio, low noise level, high reliability and low running cost. This revolutionary technology is being successfully used by manufacturers, dealers and end-users. To date, the number of scroll compressors manufactured by Emerson Climate Technologies has crossed the 100-million mark. Our range of Copeland™brand compressors allow the integration of new and environmentally-friendly refrigerants into your systems, while seamlessly improving efficiency and performance levels. Based on this, we have developed an unequalled range of solutions for the refrigeration markets.

The fact is whatever the requirement and application, Emerson is able to offer the best refrigeration solution and performance with reciprocating, semi hermetic or scroll technology.

Emerson also offers the complete range of flow controls and system protectors through Alco Controls™. It is the leading provider of precision mechanical controls for the refrigeration and air conditioning markets. Alco Controls™ together with the range of electronic controls from Emerson Climate Technologies continues to pioneer the control of refrigerant flow with innovative designs, that keep system performance optimization central to product development.