Fixed Capacity
Fixed Capacity Condensing Units

Emerson Climate Technologies’ condensing unit (CDU) range comes with unique features such as its advanced and patented scroll technology that redefine the standards of efficiency and reliability.

The fixed capacity Copeland Scroll™ ZX platform CDU come with the E2 controller which provides real-time monitoring of compressor operating conditions and initiates actions to keep the compressor within the safe zone. The controller is also designed to activate an external telephone dialer to be notified on a preset telephone number. This feature can also be used to automatically start a back-up unit in critical application.

The fixed capacity Copeland Scroll ZX platform CDU is specifically designed for medium temperature (MT) and low temperature (LT) refrigeration for R-22 and R-404A refrigerants.

MT CDUs benefit from patented scroll suction injection technology which allows the scroll compressor to provide a superior MT envelope.

Meanwhile, the LT CDU applies vapor injection technology which applies an economizer cycle on the scroll compressor. Vapor injection significantly improves the unit’s operational efficiency and extends the LT envelope.