Food Processing
Food Processing
Keeping food and beverages at the right temperature is vital to their quality. Emerson manufactures products that have the proven reliability to consistently and efficiently keep produce, meat and beverages fresh.


You will find Copeland® scroll, semi-hermetic and hermetic compressors keeping perishable foods fresh from harvest to supermarkets. Some of the world's largest juice, dairy and beef processors demand Copeland compressors because of its excellent performance, reliability and durability even at the harshest environments.

Emerson's Vilter™ brand single screw compressors are an excellent solution for meat processing plants that require a quick pull down temperature for large scale operations.

Valves, Controls & System Protectors

The Emerson EX series electronic control valves provides reliable and precise control of refrigerant flow. It features the fastest response time in the industry for the most demanding industrial refrigeration application requirements.

Emerson solenoid valves, like the 200RB, allow for a trouble-free, leak-free operation for your industrial refrigeration applications.

Products such as the HF Thermal Expansion Valve and Emerson’s line of temperature pressure controls provide unsurpassed reliability that can keep food at just the right temperature, the kind of reliability that can also help lower maintenance costs.

Other Emerson products commonly used for food processing applications include steel liquid and suction filter-driers (STAS), brass take-apart suction line filter driers, core style liquid line filter driers (ADK), oil controls, and shut off valves.

System Protectors