Air temperature and humidity control are critical in hospitals and healthcare facilities demanding commercial HVAC systems to control these conditions within very tight tolerances. Patient health and comfort are of the utmost importance whether it is in the operating room or recovery room. By utilizing Copeland Scroll™ technologies, temperature and humidity levels are maintained within precise levels. Emerson’s Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressor offers full modulation from 10% - 100% of rated capacity.

For larger sized air-conditioning systems for hospitals, there are multiple requirements for air conditioning (temperature, air pressure and humidity) for the surgeon’s room, equipment room, lab, pharmacy and patients’ room. This 24x7 demand has to be delivered with a high degree of reliability. Multiple scroll chillers using Copeland scroll  for commercial applications handle the load fluctuations and provide great reliability to meet the critical demand in hospitals.

In addition, refrigeration requirement for applications such as tissue and blood cooling are critical to the healthcare industry. Refrigerated equipment used in the healthcare industry can run thousands of hours per year and needs to be precise and dependable. Emerson offers a complete line of refrigeration products to cater to this need.

Emerson also offers large tonnage thermal expansion valves, replaceable core filter driers, moisture indicators, electronic valves and controls commonly used in the healthcare industry.