Copeland Scroll Digital Compressor Controller
Copeland Scroll Digital™ Compressor Controller
The Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressor controller is the electronics interface between the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor or the Copeland Discus Digital™ compressor and the system controller. The Copeland Scroll Digital compressor controller is designed only for single phase Copeland Scroll Digital compressors and three phase Copeland Scroll Digital and Discus Digital compressors. This compressor controller modulates the compressor based on an input from the OEM's system controller which measures temperature, pressure or humidity to calculate the needed compressor capacity and communicates that capacity to the compressor controller via an analog signal.

Fast Implementation

By using the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor controller, no complicated system controllers are needed to enjoy the benefits of compressor modulation. Inverter-driven systems typically require special controllers to manage the inverter, the extra solenoid valves, and the complicated oil management systems. The Copeland Scroll Digital compressor controller can be installed inside the outdoor unit cabinet and easily wired into the system.

For contractors, the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor controller makes retrofitting existing systems with Copeland Scroll Digital or Copeland Discus Digital compressors easy. With the necessary electronics contained within the controller, the compressor can be used to upgrade existing systems, providing better temperature control and improved energy efficiency.

Diagnostic Capability Reduces Downtime

This controller not only modulates Digital compressors, but it also detects common system problems and flashes an “Alert” LED to direct repair technicians to the root cause.

Faults detected by this controller include:

The controller detects these problems by monitoring the compressor, the discharge gas temperature, and power level to the compressor. This increases repair technician accuracy, reduces troubleshooting time, and reduces the frequency of “No Defect” compressor replacements.

Compressor Protection Capability

Once any of the above system faults is detected, the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor controller takes action to prevent compressor damage. For example, if consecutive high discharge temperature conditions are detected, the compressor is taken offline until the problem is fixed. The controller deactivates the compressor when a locked rotor condition is recognized, preventing it from overheating. If the discharge thermistor becomes loose or defective, the controller constrains compressor maximum output to 50 percent so that heating or cooling is supplied while reducing the risk of overheating.