Convenience Stores
Convenience Stores

Emerson Climate Technologies' convenience store solutions help retailers reduce their operational costs, increase product shelf life and consumption quality – improving their profitability dramatically. The innovative Emerson Climate Zenith (ECZ) series of reciprocating compressors comprise an entire range of fractional horse power compressors from 1/6 HP to 3/8 HP. These are suitable for applications like ice-cream freezers, bottle coolers, visi –coolers, display units, pastry coolers, water coolers etc.

ECZ compressors come with best in class cooling capacity, which enables ice cream freezers and chillers to achieve and maintain the desired cooling so that their customers relish ice creams and beverages at their best.These compressors also enable retailers to store food items, milk and meat products at desired temperature to retain their freshness and taste for longer duration.

Awarded by CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)as the "Most Innovative Energy Saving Product of the Year" -2014, the ECZ series are one the most energy efficient compressors in the industry. Thus ensuring low operational cost and high profitability for retailers, along with the promise of high reliability and performance that comes with Emerson applications. In addition, when the time comes for facility enhancements or equipment repair ,Emerson has the support network in place, to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.

Salient Features:
  • High Efficiency
  • Best in Class BTU/cc
  • Wide Operation Range
  • Dual Frequency compatibility (50/60Hz)
  • Low Noise
  • Compact Size
  • Eco Friendly Refrigerant
  • Advanced electrical and compressor protection systems

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Confederation of Indian Industry Award