Beverage Coolers
Beverage Coolers
Emerson Climate Technologies helps chill beverages in India

India's thirst for chilled beverages is on the rise. Rising temperatures result in an ever increasing number of parched throats reaching out for that cool, refreshing beverage. India is an extremely attractive $10 billion market for non-alcoholic, carbonated beverages. Needless to say, the competition is fierce. Beverage makers race each other to roll out new products and campaigns before peak season.

The most crucial role in ensuring that the beverage reaches chilled is played by the bottle cooler. These are used for chilling, storing and displaying a range of beverages. Bottle coolers have their task cut out, for not only do they have to chill products quickly, they have to do so even when the doors are being opened frequently. This means bottle coolers need to be equipped with a powerful refrigeration system that is reliable and has a long service life. It is therefore critical that bottle cooler face zero downtime and quicker pull-down time (the time required to change the product's initial temperature going into the bottle cooler to the desired chill temperature).

This is where Emerson Climate Technologies plays a vital role. The Reciprocating compressors offered by Emerson are efficient and reliable, and provide quicker pull-down time for the bottle cooler industry. Moreover, Emerson superior product technology, pan-India service infrastructure support OEMs' field service requirements, product customization and active technical support has seen the company rise to be a leader in the bottle cooler space. Emerson is the compressor of choice for bottle cooler manufacturers in India with almost 80 percent participation in this space.