Multi Compressor Packs
Multi-Compressor Pack Systems

Emerson Climate Technologies offers the widest range of Multi-Compressor refrigeration systems, ranging from 20 to 300HP, for medium & low temperature applications. Emerson   Multi-Compressor Pack (EMP) Refrigeration Systems, designed for multi refrigerants, are available in 2, 3 and 4 compressor combinations and come assembled with a choice of compressor technologies. These feature best-In-class Copeland Scroll™ Semi-hermetic compressors which have gained acclaim in the industry for their energy efficiency and are superior to any other reciprocating compressor technology.

The EMP Refrigeration Systems are specially designed to reduce the carbon footprint of installations, optimize system design, achieve higher energy efficiency, sound and reliability. They ensure long life for the equipment while minimizing capital and operating costs in areas such as food retail, food processing, cold storages and large scale refrigeration applications.

Emerson Climate Technologies, extensive engineering and manufacturing experience has been the key factor in the winning design of these products. Manufactured in one of the most advanced facilities in India - the products are engineered to perform under demanding conditions and come equipped with factory installed components that include HP/LP switches, Oil management systems, and controls to ensure safe operation of your system. Care has been taken to facilitate easy serviceability while designing the layout of components, tubing and electrical connections. The Multi-Compressor Pack delivers a powerful performance owing to the use of advanced CAE technologies for optimized design & system reliability.

Depending on the requirement or application, Emerson offers a Multi-Compressor solution that delivers outstanding performance. In addition, with countrywide service & dealer network, Emerson offers professional assistance during the commissioning and operation of your project.

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Multi-Compressor Packs