The Emerson Cup 2015
The Emerson Cup 2015 celebrates its 8th edition in India!

The Emerson Cup is an annual competition instituted by Emerson Climate Technologies recognizes innovation and outstanding energy efficient designs in the HVACR industry. Over the years, The Emerson Cup has been instrumental in raising the benchmarks for the industry, promoting the development and adoption  of environmentally responsible solutions in air conditioning & refrigeration. It provides a valuable platform for exhibiting emerging trends and practices amongst the industry professionals.

Introducing 'Product Innovation' Award  Category

​In today’s dynamic world, the gap in demand and supply of resources is increasing manifold and the expectations of customers are continually changing. In this scenario, the only way forward for growth and development is through Innovation. The HVACR industry has been clamoring for encouragement and support to efficient, eco-friendly product designs for a while now. As a thought leader, The Emerson Cup 2015 has risen to the occasion, introducing a new category - ‘Product Innovation’, for both Air conditioning & Cold Chain Products.

You can be part of this new, exciting change by nominating your innovative products, solutions or projects by filling out the Nomination Form. Email the completed form to us at before September 30, 2015 .

The Emerson Cup is set for another year of excellence and glory, ready to drive advancements and innovative solutions in the HVAC&R industry. Come Join The Emerson Cup 2015 and get on to the world stage!