Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

AC Power Saver (June 05, 2013)  
Do you worry about your electricity bill when the AC runs long hours all day and overnight? Now you can calculate what your AC costs you each year in electricity and how much you can reduce your electricity bills by using a 5-Star rated AC. Did you know you can recover the additional cost of a 5-star AC in less than two years? The AC Power Saver mobile app is a simple four-step calculation, which can be done for home premises or office complexes (since electricity tariffs in India are very different for each) in pre-defined cities. You can select ACs for multiple rooms and then easily calculate annual expenses and savings based on your annual usage pattern. The app can be used multiple times for different premises or a different combination of ACs. So go ahead and play with it! Let us know what you think.

Download to your Android™, iPhone® or BlackBerry® device for FREE.

Emerson PTPro™  (July 2013) Now with Superheat Calculator!
Provides on-the-go access to pressure, temperature conversions and superheat calculations. Select a refrigerant and enter a temperature (in C or F) and see what a saturated pressure (in Bar or Psig) will be. You can also enter a pressure and see what the saturated temperature is for that pressure. Furthermore, you can enter the bulb temperature and you get the superheat. Download the Emerson PTPro™ to your Android™, iPhone® or BlackBerry® device for FREE.

Emerson X-Check  (Sept. 2012)   
Cross-reference database for on-the-go access to Emerson’s valves, controls and system protectors. The X-Check app allows mobile users to pull up information based on manufacturer, product type and model number to locate the corresponding Emerson product. Download the Emerson X-Check to your Android™, iPhone® or BlackBerry® device for FREE.

Copeland X-Ref™  (July 9, 2013) 
Copeland X-Ref Version 3.0 NOW AVAILABLE
Provides on-the-go access to Emerson’s air conditioning compressor cross-reference database to product specifications and replacement Copeland™  compressors. Download the Copeland X-Ref version 3.0 application for your Android™or iPhone® devices or Copeland X-Ref version 2.0 on your Blackberry® device for FREE.

Vilter™ Docs  (June 19, 2013) 
One touch access to Vilter's support documents. Download to your Android™ or iPhone® for FREE.