Software Tools
Software Tools
 1. KOLDPRO© - Total Cold Room Solutions (UPDATED VERSION)
KOLDPRO - Total Cold Room SolutionsKOLDPRO© is a cold room (walk-in cooler) design calculation software, to help contractors, dealers and end-users to do preliminary design calculation work. This software is built with few specific features to help India customers, though it is applicable and useful for few more countries in Asia region. Some of the features of the KOLDPRO© include ability to consider pre-fabricated sandwich PUF panels, ante-room provision, weather data of many Indian cities, wide variety of food products under different categories, English-Hindi names of food products, user-specified pull-down time, unit run time etc., heat-load analysis category-wise and a report printing facility.

This new version of KOLDPRO provides more features like Component selection - FCU, CDU / Compressor, TXV, Controller etc. – Suction and Liquid line sizing guide and estimated suction pressure and discharge pressure values at different outside ambient conditions to help the commissioning / maintenance teams.

More facilities like option of working in SI units, more testimonials etc. are on the anvil. Keep a watch on this page for further software upgrades.

2. Select Asia 7.7 - Refrigeration Products Selection Tool 

Emerson Climate Technologies’ Select Asia 7.7 is industry leading product selection software which gives you access to the functionality you want with a single click, is fast and user friendly.

Select Asia 7.7 in a few points:

  • Easy compressor selection
  • Multi-language capability (Chinese / English)
  • Ability to work with SI / Imperial / MKS system of units
  • Ability to customize and retain settings
  • Reduce/eliminate printed data sheets

Select Asia 7.7 - Refrigeration Products Selection Tool

Custom settings enable you to quickly recall frequently used conditions and add your own contact and client details.

Simply click on Compressors tab, choose the families from which to make the selection, choose refrigerant and required capacity. Or you can also manually select the required compressor of chosen refrigerant from the list available. Set your operating conditions to see the model which best matches your needs. Speed buttons are provided to pre-set to standard operating conditions and all data is instantly updated when the required operating conditions are edited.

3. Air Conditioning Heat Load Calculator
A software to help designers calculate heat load for a variety of air conditioning applications.

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