Facility Status Display
Facility Status Display  

The Facility Status Display enables retailers to easily monitor alarms and other store information from any in-store E2 Facility Management System. With the Facility Status Display, information is automatically combined in one accessible place. Thanks to its small format, the Facility Status Display is easily installed virtually anywhere, from the manager’s office to departmental work areas and maintenance rooms.

With its intuitive navigation and presentation of information, any member of your team is able to quickly view alarms and other relevant store information. Display case temperatures and open door signals are no longer ignored. Automatic color coding of information makes it easy to understand what is most important, what actions are necessary, and what issues have already been resolved. The past 200 alarms are available at the touch of a button, and customizable point names take the guesswork out of equipment identification.

Download a product data sheet about the Facility Status Display.

Main Benefits:

  • Provide relevant information directly to store and department managers
  • Intuitive navigation and easy to read screens allow anyone to use the display
  • Apply custom names to simplify unit identification
  • Alert store personnel to potential problems with the built in alarm light and buzzer
  • Install anywhere in minutes with a standard Ethernet connection and 120V power input

Download the manual for this product.