Process Chilling
Process Chilling

Process chiller OEMs are facing R-22 refrigerant phase-out. Emerson Climate Technologies is ready to assist with this transition by offering alternate refrigerant solutions.

Emerson’s introduction of Copeland ScrollV™ ZB compressors for medium-high temperature refrigeration and process chilling applications has been well received. Copeland Scroll ZB compressors revolutionize this segment of the industry by providing the following benefits:

  • Complete range between 2–15 HP
  • Proven reliability
  • Superior efficiency
  • Low sound levels
  • All voltage offering
  • Oil sight glass & Rotalock features

Copeland Scroll ZB compressors are manufactured in scroll factories in Suzhou, China and Rayong, Thailand. This gives customers the additional value by lowering inventory and reducing shipping cost.

Coupled with the robust Copeland Scroll ZB compressor, Emerson also offers electronic control solutions for improved energy efficiency, tighter temperature control, remote monitoring and diagnostics.

As a complete solution offering, Emerson also provides flow control components like filter driers, expansion devices, accumulators, solenoid valves, etc.

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