System Related Questions
System Related Questions
What is the longest piping and highest elevation the system can support?
What are the guidelines for the accumulator design?
Why do you need a receiver? Why is it bi-flow?
How do you know when the system is sufficiently charged with refrigerant?
Why is there a check valve in parallel with the outdoor electronic expansion valve ?
What are the key points in prototype setup for testing?
Why does the outdoor coil freeze on standard heating?
During the loading and unloading of the scrolls, are there any fluctuation effects on the light bulb?
Since the discharge gas behaves in a 1-0 cycle, does this pressure vibration affect the control accuracy of expansion valve?
How does one connect the electronic expansion valves? Are there any inlet and outlet specifications?
How is the size of the piping determined? Does Copeland have any recommendations on the piping?
Does one need an oil separator, receiver, and accumulators? If so, are the recommended sizes?
For what length of piping is additional oil charge not required?
In a Digital tandem configuration, why does the oil level seem to be higher in the Fixed compressor when both are running?
Why is there a difference in sump temperatures on the tandems?
Why is there noise from the electronic expansion valve? How do you deal with this?
How should oil separators be fitted? Where should the oil be returned?