X Center-Facility Integration
X Center-Facility Integration

Designed and developed in order to monitor plants that are positioned in different zones, XCENTER is a flexible, reliable and user-friendly software package. Efficient assistance is a widespread requirement among distribution centers, small and big supermarkets, industrial plants etc. XCENTER gives this type of support with alarm management, continuous devices check and the recipient management with a relative report. XCENTER doesn’t have limits regarding the number of plants and controllers that can be checked and is suitable for every kind of requirement.


  • Modular software that, when installed in a server PC, communicates with clients (XWEB systems and remote PC)
  • Third party system compatibility
  • Database Oracle® that manages many controllers
  • Data and alarms files from real installations, available for all clients
  • User interface is simple to understand, Multilanguage management
  • Geo-location positioning and controllers status
  • Commands to real instruments
  • Possibility to quickly modify controllers parameters
  • Alarm setup and management
  • Alarm report via e-mail – SMS
  • Recipient list management
  • Statistical data management in graphical format
  • Internet connection between XCENTER and the monitoring units are by means of the standard SNMP protocol or telephone line (via dial-up or an internet provider)
  • Open project that allows add-on software (warehouse and accountant management)
  • Ideal for:
  • o Supermarkets
    o Convenience stores
    o Box retail
  • Forecourt retail