XB Blast Chiller Controllers
XB Blast Chiller Controllers
  • Designed to assist with food safety rules concerning preparation and chilling of foodstuffs (HACCP)
  • Four configurable cycles: pre-set according to the most common food – safety applications: soft chill, hard chill and freezing
  • Output for remote display to monitor the core temperature of goods
    Internal real time clock
  • Printer output (XB07PR) for temperature and blast chiller cycles reports
  • All different phases monitored and displayed
  • Ultra violet sterilization cycle management
  • Standard communication protocol ModBUS-RTU
  • Hot Key 128 or Prog tool kit connector for a quick and easy programming
    5VA max power absorption
  • Dual display with red LED (8,0mm high) and yellow LED (5,6mm high) and 14 icons