Prime Controllers
Prime Controllers

The Innovative Prime digital controllers are dedicated to control heat, M.T. & L.T. refrigeration. With its easy and intuitive programming mode, display with icons and integrated measurement units, it serves varied needs in the refrigeration industry.

Other features include:

  • On/off key
  • Up to 2 light switches
  • Energy saving cycles through digital input
  • Fast freezing with dedicated set point
  • Regulation stop through auxiliary probe
  • Regulation restart with door open alarm
  • Temperature Max and Min functions
  • Configurable digital input also as probe
  • Virtual probe management
  • Condenser temperature management to prevent critical plant situations
  • Hot Key connector for quick and easy programming
  • Serial line connection to monitoring systems
  • Connection for X-REP remote display (alternative to TTL output)
  • 3VA max power absorption
  • Display with red LED (10, 5mm high) and icons