XM Series Case Control
XM Series Case Control
  • ​Embedded intelligence to maximize case control operating efficiency through tighter temperature control.
  • On-board relays, built-in Modbus communication capabilities and an integrated power supply to eliminate the cost and hassle associated with aquiring necessary  add-ons.
  • Configurable inputs for flexible control options.
  • Optional display module (CX660) for on-sight configuration.
  • Remote configuration via E2 supervisory controller integration.

XM Series Model Matrix 

​Model ​XM669 ​XM670 ​XM678 ​XM679
​Power Supply ​110V ​110V ​24v ​110V
​Communication ​RS 45 ​RS 45 ​RS 45 ​RS 45
​Analog / Digital Inputs Analog: 6, Digital: 3 ​Analog: 4, Digital: 3 ​Analog: 6, Digital: 3 ​Analog: 6, Digital: 3
​Relay Outputs ​4 outputs ​5 outputs ​5 outputs ​6 outputs
​Superheat Control ​Yes ​No ​Yes ​Yes
​Antisweat ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes
​Remote Display

      CX660              Yes

      CX660         Yes        CX660         Yes       CX660        Yes
​Power Consumption ​9VA ​9VA ​20VA ​9VA
​Type of Valve ​Pulse ​Solenoid valve ​Stepper valve ​Pulse valve