CX (Refrigeration / HVAC Control System)
CX (Refrigeration / HVAC Control System)

Take Back Control - Take Back Your Money

The E2 CX Series is a new generation of controllers designed to:

  • be a part of a facility management system that economically operates systems
  • provide detailed power usage information
  • protect food safety
  • keep up excellent indoor air quality
  • seamlessly interface to third-party devices
  • save both energy and maintenance costs

E2 CX Series controllers are easy to work with. With context sensitive help screens and a familiar QWERTY keypad, anyone can navigate like a pro. Programming HVAC systems, lighting schedules, and refrigeration systems is easily manageable from either the local display or remote interface. Installation is easy too. Just pull a communication cable to each HVAC unit, and they’re ready for control based on a specific temperature and sensor reading. You can even create zones of variable heating or cooling to meet specific demands and cycle heating and cooling stages to maximize energy savings while maintaining the proper temperature and relative-humidity setpoints.

Enterprise Facility Management
Our monitoring and facility management services are designed specifically to cut energy and maintenance costs and to provide easy access to vital enterprise-wide information. That’s why we are trusted by over 5,000 sites, 24/7, to keep facilities running at optimum levels.

Remote Communications
E2 CX is accessible on site or through our remote-access software from any LAN, WAN or standard modem connection. You have access to full-color animated graphics, color-coded alarm indicators and real-time equipment displays.

The "Intelligent" Advantage
Now, there are more ways than ever to reduce annual maintenance costs through Emerson’s Intelligent Store™ architecture. For example, a new interface designed in collaboration with Lennox Industries, Inc. allows Lennox commercial RTUs to interface directly with the E2 CX. This lets end-users easily adjust setpoints and view over 100 error codes.

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