BX (Building Control System)
BX (Building Control System)

Taking Back Control
E2 BX Series controllers are easy to work with. Just pull a communication cable to each rooftop unit (RTU), and they’re programmed for control, based on a specific temperature-sensor reading. You can create zones of variable heating or cooling to meet specific demands and cycle heating and cooling stages to maximize energy savings, while maintaining the correct temperature and relative-humidity setpoints.

Power Monitoring
E2 BX maximizes building comfort levels while it minimizes wasted energy. Both a power monitor and a regulator, E2 BX comes equipped with extensive demand shedding features, as well as detailed power-usage logs, to help you spot trends and optimize performance.

Lighting Control
Combining results from time schedules, light-level sensors and override buttons, E2 BX easily determines whether your lights are illuminated, optimizes your lighting needs and provides you with timed overrides. Just push a button, and specified lights are overridden and come on for a pre-determined period.

The E2 BX technology lets it monitor and control third party devices – everything from refrigeration equipment and gas pumps to irrigation and security systems. Even Lennox® rooftops or Echelon®-based HVAC units are easily integrated – all from a single controller.

HVAC and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
The E2 BX is just as effective monitoring and controlling IAQ in HVAC applications, a crucial step in meeting ASHRAE standards. The advanced algorithms in the E2 BX bring in and condition only the required amount of outside air, further reducing energy usage and expenses.

The "Intelligent" Advantage
Now, there’s another way to reduce annual maintenance costs through Emerson’s Intelligent Store™ architecture. A new interface designed in collaboration with Lennox Industries, Inc. allows Lennox commercial RTUs to interface directly with E2 BX. This lets end-users easily adjust set points and view over 100 error codes. No more proprietary controllers with unique error codes – and no more costly technician visits when an HVAC unit needs resetting.

View the E2 user manual detailing programming and installation instructions.