Packaged Refrigeration Systems
Packaged Refrigeration Systems

Vilter offers packaged refrigeration systems to meet any need. These complete, factory-engineered and assembled systems are designed to meet your specific requirements and address your unique cooling problems.

Vilter's Packaged Refrigeration Systems provide:

  • Significant savings - Vilter's Packaged Refrigeration Systems save you on-site assembly costs.
  • Vilter's expertise - Vilter's technical and engineering staff design a complete system specific to your requirements. Fabrication and assembly are done by union specialists with quality tools to ensure exact alignment and a clean, leak-free system.
  • Automatic controls - Master electrical control panels are mounted directly on your system. Completely factory-wired and tested, the unit is "ready to go" when it arrives at the job site.
  • Space savings- The compact design of the packaged unit permits your architect to design a much smaller mechanical equipment room. The modern machine room takes on a new appearance because all the equipment has been factory-built onto a single, structural steel base which is located in the center of the room with aisle space around it.
  • Mobility - With rapidly changing process requirements, the need to change or revise your mechanical room means you need easy mobility. With all the equipment mounted on a single base, your system can be moved out just as easily as it was moved in. 
  • Time savings - As your machine room foundation is being constructed, your Vilter system is simultaneously being built in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, saving you on total project time.
  • Vilter's outstanding warranty and service - Vilter's Packaged Refrigeration Systems carry a factory warranty second-to-none, and our factory-trained refrigeration engineers are available for installation and start-up.