Refrigeration Scroll Compressors

Scroll technology has inherent advantages compared to the technology of reciprocating compressors. The distinct scroll pockets in a scroll compression mechanism eliminate the need for suction valve. The continuous compression (scroll compressor), compared to the pulsating compression process (reciprocating compressor) eliminates the need for mufflers in the suction and discharge gas. The combined effect is superior efficiency as it eliminates pressure losses occurring on the valves and mufflers. Emerson Climate Technologies’ Copeland Compliant Scroll™ design minimizes the leakage across successive high pressure pockets, further enhancing compressor efficiency.

Scroll compressors have higher volumetric efficiency. The effect is a much flatter capacity delivery across wide outdoor ambient conditions. This enables a relatively smaller-sized compressor to deliver the cooling demand at the worst summer days. In lower ambient nights, scroll compressors enable the system to be more balanced, allowing overall savings in electrical power consumption.

Technological advancements such as Copeland Scroll Digital™ with its vapor injection feature have further enabled this superior technology to offer excellent product solutions to different refrigeration applications. Copeland Scroll Digital offers very simple and highly reliable continuous modulation capability. Vapor injection enables efficient two-stage intercooler compression cycle to provide the highest reliability, thereby maximizing efficiency.

Emerson currently offers a wide range of refrigeration products from 2-15HP range. Copeland Scroll Digital ZB compressors are designed for high medium temperature refrigeration applications, while Copeland Scroll Digital ZF and ZSI compressors are designed for low temperature applications of up to -40°C.