A/C System Range (OEM Models)
A/C System Range (OEM Models)

VRF – Ranges from 3HP to 64HP.  Generally these machines are in modular construction and the largest single outdoor is 16HP.  Combination of 4 boxes provide a single pipe capacity of 64HP.

Rooftops – 3HP to 9PH & 11 to 85 HP Air cooled rooftop units

Chillers – 6 to 12.5 HP Compact chillers, 9 to 12.5 HP Industrial chillers & 12.5 to 50 HP Chillers

Ducted – 3.5HP to 7HP residential ducted systems for cooling and heating applications.

Specialty Applications - Field deployable and mobile A/C system for field application generally powered by portable diesel generators. Available 1 to 10 HP capacity.

Heat Pump - 3 to 9 kW air / water heat pump with allowable maximum flow temperature of 60 °C.